Are Concrete Fence Posts Worth It?

Are Concrete Fence Posts Worth It?

Are Concrete Fence Posts Worth It?

Yes, concrete fence posts are worth the investment for the long run. This is because of the following reasons.

Concrete is a tough substance that is resistant to decay and insect attack, making it a very durable, powerful material with a proven long lifespan.

Concrete posts are made from a robust, durable material that is resistant to rot and insect attack. This means that the posts will last a long time and provide a high level of security for your fence.

Concrete, unlike wooden fence posts, is not biodegradable and cannot be pierced by rot or insect assault, which is why many prefer it over wood.

Because concrete is generally impervious to liquids, mould or rot cannot easily permeate the substance, therefore anything that tries to get through will most likely merely rest on the concrete’s exterior layer. This is why concrete is so simple to maintain.

Concrete posts have been proven to resist severe winds and escape with minimum damage in open, exposed gardens. This is especially true in coastal settings where there may be seawater

How Do You Remove Old Fence Posts From Concrete?

Fence removal is time-consuming and difficult, especially if your fence posts are cemented in concrete. However, there are a few techniques you may employ to simply remove concrete-set fence posts from the ground.

Remove The Post By Hand.

The most frequent method for removing resistant fence posts from the ground is to simply dig the dirt away from the concrete base. This may be accomplished with only a basic shovel or spade and lots of time.

However, in some regions, the rocky, clay-rich soil makes this procedure the most difficult and labor-intensive manner of removing fence posts.

There are a few things you can do to make this work a bit simpler. One of the most effective strategies for digging out fence posts by hand is to remove the earth solely around one “face” of the fence post. You may then put the post into the hole and raise it out by drilling slightly deeper than the base of the concrete.

Remove The Post With A Jack.

The installation of a jack to “pull” the post directly out of the ground is a considerably easier, although more involved, technique of post removal. This approach necessitates the purchase of additional equipment and supplies, but it may save a significant amount of time and make a large project much simpler.

The key to this strategy is to employ a tall bumper or farm jack with a long lever for maximum leverage. Don’t use a floor jack since the smaller wheels and flayed base can make lifting a post out of the ground difficult.

Once you’ve found the correct jack, you’ll need to attach it to the fence post in such a way that you can pull it out of the ground. There are various approaches you may take here, including:

  • Attach a 2×4 or 4×4 to the post with heavy-duty bolts, then raising the jack below the bolted-on part.
  • Wrapping a chain or tow strap around the post, attaching it to the jack, and pulling the post out of the ground.
  • Using ratchet straps or another detachable connection, attach the jack to the post. When the jack is firmly linked or positioned beneath the post, simply operate it like you would a car or other large object.

To conclude the work, the jack should loosen the concrete foundation of the post enough to either take it out directly or place a pry bar below it.

If you’re having problems, softening the ground by soaking it in water for an hour or two before attempting to remove the posts will assist. You may also place the jack’s base on top of another 24 to distribute the load equally across the ground.

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