Are Epoxy Floors Always Shiny?

Are Epoxy Floors Always Shiny?

Are Epoxy Floors Always Shiny?

Epoxy floors are always shiny. The epoxy flooring is designed to be glossy and reflective. After the epoxy has been applied, it will be buffed to a high luster, and the finish can be maintained easily with regular cleaning.

Although epoxy flooring might be gleaming, it can fog with time, especially if there is a regular foot or vehicle activity.

Cleaning the floor at least once a year helps restore its luster. This may be accomplished by hosing the floor with hot water and then drying it with a squeegee immediately after. Other cleaning methods include using a mild detergent or steam cleaning.

While epoxy floors are long-lasting, they can be damaged and lose their luster, necessitating constant care. Because of this, epoxy floors are always shiny – even if they have been used for a long time and have accumulated a lot of dust and dirt.

Epoxy floors can even be shiny if they have never been cleaned! This is because the hard epoxy resin protects the flooring from dirt and other particles and resists cleaning chemicals.

While epoxy floors are a great option for many homeowners, they are not always the best choice for all types of flooring. If you are looking for a floor that will be more resistant to damage, you may want to consider other types of flooring, such as vinyl or ceramic.

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