Are Epoxy Floors Slick?

Are Epoxy Floors Slick?

Are Epoxy Floors Slick?

Epoxy floors are slick but no more than tiled or concrete floors. The smoothness of the coating means that the risk of slipping is low. While epoxy flooring appears to be slippery, they are not.

Epoxy floors are far less slippery than most other smooth surfaces, and they are also skid resistant. If you build an epoxy floor, there are slip-resistant choices available to make your floor easier to walk across.

Using epoxy flooring in your garage will be as safe as any other surface available. However, the clear coat is known to be slippery because visible light reflects off its surface in a single direction and creates shadows underneath. This can cause accidents while working under the car or entering your home with wet shoes or clothes on.

Epoxy garage floors are more durable than painted concrete, keeping them safe for longer. Since epoxy is also resistant to oil and petroleum-based products, it is ideal for garages where motor oil may be present.

The high-gloss finish of epoxy is also a plus in protecting the floor from dirt and stains. However, you should consider the following before applying an epoxy coating to your garage floor: Although epoxy does not need to be applied directly over concrete, some surfaces may be too rough for application without removing them.

Can Epoxy Resin Be Used On Floors?

Epoxy resin flooring adheres well to concrete, wood, and other surfaces, resulting in a long-lasting finish if the underlying surface is properly prepared. It will help keep moisture, stains, oil, and cracks at bay. However, you may need to remove the prior surface or apply other coatings that make the surface incredibly hard and smooth.

Epoxy floors are not suitable for areas with heavy traffic or will be highly used. In addition, they will not survive the elements very well when exposed to chemicals and spills.

Epoxy is also susceptible to cracking in severe cases where it is installed over uneven floor slabs. This can occur due to moisture in the old slab, poor installation technique, or poor-quality poured concrete.

In these cases, epoxy coating only serves as an outer layer of protection. It is not durable enough for its purpose in garages that experience heavy usage or high traffic levels.

Epoxy resin can be used as a floor finish or as a coating for items such as fishing rods. Although manufacturers do not recommend using epoxy resin on floors, they have been known to be used in this manner successfully.

However, you will need to ensure that your floor has a robust enough foundation, so the flooring surface doesn’t crack or chip.

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