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What Is Plexiglass? Plexiglass is a brand name for acrylic, a transparent thermoplastic material that’s often used as an alternative to glass. Acrylic is manufactured in sheets and can be formed into many shapes, including rods and tubes (like Plexiglass). It’s also used in construction materials such as windows or doors; cars; boats; shower stalls; […]

What Is A Subfloor? A subfloor is a structural component of a home that sits between the decorative floor covering and the structure of the floor. It provides strength and support for the flooring and is typically made of moisture resistant plywood. Subfloors are generally hidden under the decorative floor covering, and in higher-end homes, […]

What Is An Electroless Plating? Electroless plating, also known as chemical plating or autocatalytic plating, is a method of creating a metal coating on a variety of materials through the use of a chemical bath that reduces metal cations. This process differs from electroplating, in which an electric current is used to create the metal […]

What Is The Shear Strength Of Concrete? The shear strength of concrete refers to the material’s resistance to forces that cause its internal structure to shift against itself. This strength can be evaluated by applying a force and observing if it causes the layers of the object to move horizontally or vertically. When the force […]

What Is A Wearing Course In Construction? The wearing course is the top layer in the construction of roads, runways, and docks. It is sometimes referred to as the surface course, though this term can also refer to thin layers such as chip seals. The wearing course is made of concrete in rigid pavements, while […]

What Is Embankment And Why It Is Constructed? An embankment is a man-made hill of compacted earth, stone, and soil used to elevate a roadway or railway above the ground level.  In dams, an embankment is made up of layers of materials like soil, sand, clay, or rock, with the most impermeable materials forming the […]

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