Can Roman Blinds Be Motorized?

Can Roman Blinds Be Motorized?

Can Roman Blinds Be Motorized?

Yes. With a retrofit motor, we can motorize your roman blinds. We can use either a 240V or a 12V motor; the advantage of the 12V motor is that it does not require the services of an electrician to get your roman blind working.

The Roman shades that you purchase can be motorized to work with a single motor or with a motor and remote control. The motorized Roman shades are controlled by a light sensor that determines the amount of light to block.

Depending on the type of blind you buy, it will either have one motor or two motors on the inside and outside of the shade frame. When deciding whether or not to purchase motorized Roman blinds, consider how you will use them.

If you want to be able to control the privacy of your rooms from one location, then the motorized option is the best choice for you. They can also help block out harsh sunlight and noise, which makes it possible for those that live very busy lives or in noisy surroundings to have relief from their everyday problems.

If you have received Roman blinds from us and would like them motorized, then we can add this option for you. We have the motors available if you would like to use them with your new Roman shades, but we do not provide the remote control kits.

If you want to keep your Roman shades light-filtering, then you will need to buy a single motor kit for your blinds. This kit includes the motor inside the frame and the remote control.

When deciding between single-motor and double-motor kits, note that most customers find that they prefer two motors in their shades; this ensures that they can lift and lower their shades without any problems.

Can You Get Double-Sided Roman Blinds?

Yes. Many Roman Blinds come in a double-sided configuration, thereby providing side-to-side shielding. When made with a sheer fabric on the window-side shade and an opaque fabric on the front-side shade, a double Roman shade provides the option of a sheer shade during the day and full coverage at night.

You can also make these with an insulated blackout lining to prevent heat loss. Some Roman styles are made to be double-sided, while others can be customized in this way. Locate the top of your existing Roman Blind and pull the fabric straight upwards. You should be able to see the brackets that have been welded together.

You can sew these onto your existing Roman Blind, or you can also do it by hand. You should be able to fold one end over to make it fit into the top of your frame without your new fabric being too tight.

The next step will be to close the stringing holes on your frame and secure it in place by aligning the matching holes with their matching welds along the top of the bracket. You should repeat this process with each edge of fabric that you add until you have one side completely sealed off from view.

Next, you should repeat the process for the remaining side of your new Roman Blind, which should be equal to the first in width and size. This will complete your double-sided Roman Blind. You can have these professionally manufactured to get a perfect fit for your frame, but you can also make them at home by hand to save money.

If you are going to sew them together yourself, then be sure to back the cut edges with a strip of tape or fabric that is twice as wide as the blinds’ original material so that they don’t fray.

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