Can You Add Insulation On Top Of The Roof?

Can You Add Insulation On Top Of The Roof?

Can You Add Insulation On Top Of The Roof?

Yes, you can add insulation on top of the radiant barrier. You should start with a base layer of rigid foam insulation. The second layer must be a reflective foil covering the entire surface, including the bottom.

Finally, install an additional layer of rigid foam insulation that covers from the bottom to just above the top line of the lower layer. This will hide it and stop air from bypassing it to get into your attic space behind it.

Which Insulation Side Faces Out When Installed On The Underside Of A Roof?

To be effective, the reflecting surface of the barrier must always face an air space at least an inch thick, and it must be positioned a shiny side up if set on the attic floor and a shiny side down if affixed to the rafters.

According to tests, a radiant barrier in an insulated attic can reduce attic temperatures by up to 30 degrees, equal to the difference between interior and exterior temperatures, to lower heating bills.

The radiant barrier reflects heat by converting it into infrared light. The infrared light is absorbed by another material and becomes very hot. In a radiant barrier, this heat becomes a hot air space that can be used as much or more as a real attic space.

Since the surface is shiny, you can install it on walls or wood in the garage. Radiant barriers also work well on wooden studs in finished attics, although they won’t affect semi-finished attics with foam insulation blown into them.

Radiant barriers have been used for decades in other applications that require a shiny, reflective barrier: restaurants where hot oil is kept with hot foods, in drying rooms for sensitive fabrics, and in restrooms where air flows across the ceiling.

How Do You Install Bubble Wrap Insulation On A Metal Roof?

Unroll the foil bubble wrap insulation over the roof’s metal joists, called purloins. Attach it with double-stick tape to the purloins to keep it in place until you restore the roof.

Move the insulation over the roof, so the seams are perpendicular to the purlins and roof panel seams. It can be done neatly with a hand or electric trimmer. A ladder may be needed for this next step.

How Do You Install Foam Insulation Under A Metal Roof?

Install rigid foam insulation across the whole roof surface. Place the sheets close together but not touching. Seal the seams using duct tape to prevent moisture and air leakage.

Install the metal roofing panels over the insulation according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You should remove the insulation sheets first and then reinstall them after the metal roof is complete.

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