Can You Build A Three Bedroom House With KSh. 800,000?

Can You Build A Three Bedroom House With KSh. 800,000?

Can You Build A Three Bedroom House With KSh. 800,000?

Can You Build A Three Bedroom House With KSh. 800,000?

Yes, it is possible to build a three-bedroom house in Kenya with Sh. 800,000 but it might be possible with careful planning, cost-saving measures, and prioritizing essential elements.

Below is a simplified breakdown of how the budget could be allocated:

Possible Cost Breakdown for a Three-Bedroom House on a KES 800,000 Budget

Item Estimated Cost (KES) Notes
Design and Planning, Permits and Approvals 10,000 – 20,000 Basic design services, possibly from local artisans, Minimum required legal documentation
Foundation 50,000 – 100,000 Basic foundation to support the structure
Main Structure 300,000 – 350,000 Walls, basic roofing, windows, and doors
Finishing 150,000 – 150,000 Basic plastering, painting, and flooring
Utilities 50,000 – 80,000 Basic  plumbing /water and electrical setup
Labor 100,000 – 200,000 Payment for all construction labor
Total Estimated Cost 800,000 Total estimated cost


  • Land Acquisition: The budget assumes you already have land in a remote rural/semi urban area.
  • Design and Planning: Opt for basic design services, possibly from local artisans or draftsmen instead of professional architects.
  • Permits and Approvals: Only the necessary legal documentation and permits.
  • Foundation: A basic but solid foundation to keep costs down.
  • Main Structure: Using cost-effective materials like simple concrete blocks and minimalistic designs.
  • Roofing: Affordable materials like iron sheets to reduce costs.
  • Finishing: Focus on basic but functional finishes; avoid luxury items.
  • Utilities: Basic installations for water and electricity, possibly with minimal fixtures.
  • Labor: Employ local labor to reduce costs, and possibly involve some self-help or community-based efforts.

Cost-Saving Strategies To Build A  Three-Bedroom House With A Budget Of KES 800,000:

Building a three-bedroom house with a budget of KES 800,000 in Kenya requires meticulous planning, resourcefulness, and strategic cost-cutting measures.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this:

1. Land Acquisition

  • Strategy: Purchase land in a very affordable rural area. Look for areas where land is cheaper but still accessible.

2. Design and Planning

  • Strategy: Hire a local draftsman or use standard house plans. Avoid expensive architectural firms. Keep the design simple and functional.

3. Permits and Approvals

4. Foundation

  • Strategy: Use a basic foundation design. Consider a strip foundation, which is cheaper than a raft foundation. Use locally available materials to reduce costs.

5. Main Structure

  • Strategy:
    • Walls: Use cost-effective materials like stabilized soil blocks or interlocking bricks. These materials are cheaper and require less mortar.
    • Roofing: Use affordable roofing materials such as corrugated iron sheets.
    • Doors and Windows: Opt for standard-sized, pre-fabricated doors and windows.

6. Roofing

  • Strategy: Use galvanized iron sheets, which are durable and affordable. Ensure proper insulation to prevent heat.

7. Finishing

  • Strategy:
    • Plastering and Painting: Use basic cement plaster and inexpensive paint.
    • Flooring: Consider cement screed floors instead of tiles or more expensive finishes.
    • Ceiling: Use affordable ceiling materials such as PVC panels.

8. Utilities

  • Strategy:
    • Water Supply: Install a basic rainwater harvesting system or connect to the local water supply.
    • Electrical Installation: Opt for a basic electrical setup with essential outlets and lighting.
    • Sanitation: Build a simple septic tank or pit latrine.

9. Labor

  • Strategy:
    • Local Labor: Hire local laborers who charge less compared to professionals from urban areas.
    • Self-Help: Participate in the construction work yourself and involve friends and family.


Note that while building a three-bedroom house with a budget of KES 800,000 is quite challenging, it is possible with significant cost-saving measures and a focus on essential elements.

It will require meticulous planning, prioritization, and possibly phased construction to manage within this budget.

3-bedroom house in Kenya

Detailed Step-by-Step Construction Process

  1. Land Preparation:
    • Clear the land and mark the house boundaries.
  2. Foundation:
  3. Wall Construction:
    • Build walls using stabilized soil blocks or interlocking bricks.
    • Reinforce corners and load-bearing points.
  4. Roofing:
    • Install the roof trusses.
    • Fix corrugated iron sheets to the trusses.
  5. Doors and Windows:
    • Install pre-fabricated doors and windows.
  6. Plastering and Painting:
    • Apply cement plaster on internal and external walls.
    • Paint the walls with inexpensive paint.
  7. Flooring:
    • Pour a concrete slab for the floor and finish with a cement screed.
  8. Ceiling:
    • Install affordable PVC panels or other low-cost ceiling materials.
  9. Utilities Installation:
    • Set up basic electrical wiring and plumbing.
    • Install a simple septic system or pit latrine.
  10. Final Touches:
    • Ensure all fittings (sockets, switches, faucets) are functional.
    • Do a thorough clean-up of the site.

Building a three-bedroom house with KES 800,000 is feasible with careful planning and cost-saving strategies.

By choosing affordable materials, minimizing design complexity, and leveraging local labor, you can manage to stay within budget. It’s essential to prioritize essential components and consider phased construction if necessary.


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