Can You Put Window Trim On Stucco?

Can You Put Window Trim On Stucco?

Can You Put Window Trim On Stucco?

Yes. You can put window trims on stucco. Stucco can be topped with wood molding. I had the exact same situation you describe, and I did the following: smooth rough stucco in the area where molding is to be installed with a mortar scraper or similar tool.

Then I installed scrap molding, made from OSB with wood, and just nailed them in. Then stuccoes that area, and later I used some thin caulk to cover the nails, which turned out to be a good idea too. We painted the molding white, but it’s not necessary though – I agree with you on that.

However, you need to consider that there are a lot of stucco colors that are highly saturated, which can make them difficult to match with window trim. Also, some homeowners find that their stucco is actually too bright or bold for the look they want in their house.

If you think you can use your stucco as-is without any modifications, then you should definitely look into finding a contractor who can install window trim on the stucco for you!

You also need to consider how much prep work is involved before you tile a room. There might be windows in the room that need to be covered or caulked prior to installing the tile grout. The tiles will stick to the windows and will look terrible when you’re finished.

Yes! Homeowners often assume that stucco cannot be painted, but it is possible to paint stucco at almost any time of the year. I recommend that you only paint your stucco after you’ve done all of the prep work for your tiling project.

However, this doesn’t mean that painting stucco is a difficult or complicated task. It’s much easier than painting other surfaces like brick or cement or wood siding since painting on stucco is practically a one-step process.

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