Do Chain Link Fence Posts Need Concrete?

Do Chain Link Fence Posts Need Concrete?

Do Chain Link Fence Posts Need Concrete?

It is possible to build a chain link fence without utilizing concrete, although it is not advised. Concretely anchoring each fence post is the greatest approach to assure that your fence will stand straight and tall for many years.

It may be tempting to avoid the labor and money of putting the posts in cement, but the savings are typically not worth it in the long term for a variety of reasons.

If you opt to install your chain link fence without concrete, dig a hole deep enough to bury the posts at least two feet, or around one-third of the height.

Never pound the posts into the ground, especially if the soil is hard clay or rocky since this can bend the tops. The hole should be slightly larger than the posts so that earth may be backfilled securely around the post.

Installing your fence without concrete will save you money on concrete, trowels, and gravel. If you utilize the auger to dig your post holes, you might be able to finish the installation in a single day. If you choose not to rent an auger, it will take longer because you will have to dig the post holes by hand.

What Can I Use Instead Of Concrete For Fence Posts?

There are a few reasons why you would want to install fence posts without concrete. The most prevalent motivation is to save money. Concrete can be costly, and it is not always essential.

Another reason to install fence posts without cement is if you are erecting a temporary fence. Because a temporary fence does not need to be as sturdy or secure as a permanent fence, it is not required to use cement.

If you are not utilizing concrete, you have a few alternatives for materials to lay your fence posts. These include dirt, gravel, sand, and crushed rock.


Fill the hole with earth and compress it to assist support the fence post. This strategy, however, is not particularly effective.


Adding gravel to the hole will aid to support the fence post. This approach is more powerful than using soil but not as powerful as using cement.


Fill the hole with sand to assist support the fence post. This approach, like gravel, is stronger than dirt but not as robust as cement.

Crushed Rock:

Using crushed rock to fill the hole will help to sustain the fence post. This approach, like gravel and sand, is stronger than dirt but not as strong as cement.

Will Fence Posts Rot In Concrete?

Yes, fence posts will rot in concrete. The concrete provides a nice, moist environment for wood-eating fungi and bacteria to breed. Over time, the wood in the fence posts will break down and deteriorate because of it.

Concrete is a great way to ensure that your fence stays straight and tall for many years to come. Although it can be an expensive investment up front, it is certainly worthwhile in the long run as you avoid having to replace your fence every few years.

The simplest solution to remedy the rotting post problem is to place the posts on top of a 3 to 6-inch deep bed of coarse gravel, with the base of the post in touch with the gravel. Concrete should be poured around the pillar, not underneath it.

This allows moisture to filter through the gravel and away from the bottom of the post if it gets between the concrete and the bottom of the post. To minimize water gathering around the base, the top concrete should be slanted away from the post and toward grade level.

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