Do I Need 6-Inch Gutters For A Metal Roof?

Do I Need 6-Inch Gutters For A Metal Roof?

Do I Need 6-Inch Gutters For A Metal Roof?

When working with metal roofs, the gutter size should not be less than 6 inches. If you have a very big roof, a 7-inch gutter is advised. After all, larger roofs will inevitably have more water pouring down their surface, creating larger gutters.

It is recommended to consult a metal roofing contractor when determining the correct gutter size.

Do I Need A Drip Edge On A Metal Roof?

A drip edge is not necessary when constructing a metal roof, especially if the roof is slanted and placed to hang over an inch. This will assist in diverting water away from the fascia. However, while a drip edge is not required, it is generally highly recommended.

It will also prevent water from seeping through the sheathing and into the attic, otherwise known as wet rot. A drip edge can be installed easily by following these instructions.

Do I Need A Radiant Barrier With A Metal Roof?

Radiant barriers are an excellent choice for homes that prioritize energy efficiency. Radiant barriers work by reflecting radiant heat into their source, reducing the amount of heat transfer through a wall.

One important thing to note is that radiant barriers are unsuitable for metal roofs. An additional layer of radiant barrier will cause heat to back up into the attic, which will increase your energy bills. If you are using a metal roof, it is recommended to skip out on adding a radiant barrier.

Do I Need Closure Strips For the Metal Roof?

Yes, at various metal roofing flashing details, metal roofs will require both inner and outside foam closure strips. It’s a critical stage in the installation procedure that guards against wind-driven rain.

This will prevent moisture from penetrating the roof decking. If a closure strip is not properly used, it can cause a leak that can lead to extensive problems in the future.

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