Does Epoxy Glue Work On Concrete?

Does Epoxy Glue Work On Concrete?

Does Epoxy Glue Work On Concrete?

Yes, epoxy glue will work on concrete. Epoxy glue provides excellent adhesion to concrete. However, most epoxy glues for concrete are two-part systems comprised of an epoxy resin and a hardener.

When equal parts of resin and hardener are combined, they react to form a robust, rigid, high-strength bond. Epoxy resin for concrete can repair, fill, bind, and replace concrete surfaces.

Concrete is among the strongest, most durable construction materials available. However, many factors can lead to its aging and deterioration. Like wood, concrete will suffer from rot, decay, or erosion due to weather conditions and moisture exposure.

When the damage is too severe, you may need to remove and replace it. Epoxy glues for concrete can be used as an alternative for repairing damaged concrete surfaces.

You can also use it to fix cracks in concrete floors. Being that you’re gluing concrete to concrete, make sure you use a high-quality resin and hardener so that it bonds properly.

Concrete is porous, which is how it’s able to allow for water penetration for the plants and other things growing within (or even below) its surface.

The pores are why you need an epoxy coating for outdoor applications since this flooring will be subject to weathering over some time – especially in wet environments like a backyard or exterior patio area.

Can You Epoxy Over Uneven Concrete?

Yes, you can epoxy over uneven concrete. With the proper preparation of the surface, you can lay down a layer of epoxy and cure it. The complete surface will have one smooth finish to make it ready for floorings, such as tile or vinyl.

Lay a thin layer of epoxy with the thickest coats on the edges first, and then work your way across the floor with more coats on each existing line.

After each coat dries, scrape off any excess glue pooled in the building’s pores by moving slowly over the area with a flat shovel. If you have an uneven surface, epoxy resin can make it leveler. Inherently, our resins have self-leveling properties that help them flow to coat a surface evenly.

You can also use them to seal surfaces that are porous or have little holes, such as wood or stone. However, if you are making a smooth finish for tiled floors, these gaps will be filled with epoxy.

Epoxy resin can be used to repair cracks in concrete that other methods, such as concrete pour-in-place and the traditional drilling procedure, cannot fill.

Epoxy can strengthen cracked concrete and fill the cracks where no sealer can. The hardening process eliminates the crack, lifting it with a bond that is stronger than natural cement.

It bonds to both sides of the crack and fills in any voids to form a permanent seal, creating an extremely smooth surface that is tough enough to resist abrasives.

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