Does Window Trim Go Over Shiplap?

Does Window Trim Go Over Shiplap?

Does Window Trim Go Over Shiplap?

Install your faux shiplap before you do anything else in the room, including the baseboard, crown molding, and trim. Because I installed my trim before my shiplap, I had to notch my shiplap pieces with a jigsaw to make them fit around my windows and doors.

Shiplap is made of compressed wood shavings that are compressed and glued together, so it is important to install it before you install any other construction materials.

If you are installing faux shiplap over real shiplap, do not install the faux shiplap at the same time you install the real shiplap. The two construction methods are made from different types of material and will not fit together properly if installed simultaneously.

If you wait to install both types at the same time, your new trim will be sitting on top of your old trim and not look right. You can also make things more complicated by deciding to change your window treatment design during the process.

The process for hanging the shiplap is different from the trim installation process, so you will need to make sure you have enough materials before you start. Cut and install your shiplap before installing any other window treatment. If you plan to install a new window treatment, be sure to measure the window before purchasing your shiplap.

Faux shiplap is designed with small gaps in the wood plank material to provide insulation and allow air circulation in the room. The gaps between the wood planks of real shiplap are closed with a special type of adhesive called a furring strip. Furring strips are also used to secure the shiplap to the framing you have installed.

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