How Do I Get Rid Of Pigeons On My Roof Under My Solar Panels?

How Do I Get Rid Of Pigeons On My Roof Under My Solar Panels?

How Do I Get Rid Of Pigeons On My Roof Under My Solar Panels?

The best way to keep pigeons off your roof under solar panels is by installing solar panel pigeon mesh, Bird netting around solar panels, Bird spikes for solar panels, Keeping your garden clean, Cleaning your panels regularly, and Contacting a solar panel pigeon control company.

1. Install solar panel pigeon mesh.

Panels for solar energy Bird guards are being built at an increasing pace across the United Kingdom, and selecting a solution that will not harm your investment is critical.

Bird mesh is most likely the best way to safeguard your solar panels. The mesh is intended to keep birds out of the region beneath your solar panels.

The major advantage of employing solar panel bird guards or mesh has to be its modest appearance. Other alternatives may be visible, but solar panel pigeon mesh is not.

It should be noted that correctly installing bird mesh may be a tough task and should not be attempted by someone without prior bird eradication knowledge.

2. Bird netting around solar panels.

Panels for solar energy Pigeon netting is another solution that is used to prevent pigeons from nesting under your solar panels and is being placed around the United Kingdom.

When installed around the solar panels, the bird netting acts as a barrier, preventing birds from entering their targeted region.

Our experience has shown us that mesh is always the preferable solution for preventing birds from nesting under solar panels. However, our blog is here to educate you about your possibilities.

3. Bird spikes for solar panels.

Bird spikes are another solution for getting rid of pigeons under solar panels that you may discover online. Bird spikes can be put in to keep birds from nesting beneath solar panels.

Bird spikes come in various sizes and are often quite successful in deterring birds because they make it difficult for birds to sit in their targeted region.

Unfortunately, spikes are ugly and, because of the pain they might cause, are not to everyone’s taste.

4. Keep your garden clean.

Keeping your landscape tidy is merely a preventative solar panel pigeon control approach. Make sure there is no rubbish in your garden since this will eliminate bird food sources.

It is also critical to ensure that any bins near your home are firmly sealed, so birds do not dine on them. Anything that birds could consume in your garden must be eliminated for this strategy to work.

5. Clean your panels regularly.

Keeping your panels in good condition is only the first step toward being proactive. A solar panel array that is in good, clean, and operational order will be significantly less appealing to birds.

To guarantee long-term performance, we recommend having your solar panels professionally serviced. Repairing any array of damage and resolving any mounting challenges are part of the struggle.

6. Contact a solar panel pigeon control company.

A pest control firm has access to a wide range of high-quality supplies. We’ve seen some businesses utilize inexpensive garden center mesh, rapidly fading and rusting.

You should hire a pest control firm to do the job because Natural England licenses companies like ours to remove birds legally.


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