How Do I Keep Bats Out Of My Window Air Conditioner?

How Do I Keep Bats Out Of My Window Air Conditioner?

How Do I Keep Bats Out Of My Window Air Conditioner?

To keep bats out, carefully seal around window air conditioners, especially between the window sashes, with foam, fabric, or other suitable material. If you have a unit with a blind or wall kit, install transparent plastic or other materials that allow light to pass through, but block out insects, spiders, and other wildlife.

During the winter months, keep your window air conditioner clean by removing any dust and debris from its unit before starting it. Dust can collect in the ventilation system of your unit and cause damage to its compressor.

When in use, keep your window air conditioner clear of snow and ice so that it does not get too cold for insects or spiders to stay near it. Other ways to prevent bats from entering the room include installing a bat house that is away from the window on an interior wall where they are more likely not to enter.

As an alternative, you can place a mesh screen over the window’s surface to keep bats from entering the room. However, keep in mind that bats can still enter through the screen or holes that remain. You need to install this screen correctly or you may allow them to crawl through it.

If your air conditioner is equipped with a screen grille, install it again after cleaning to ensure that no animals are able to enter through its openings and vents. If you notice any holes or gaps in between the air conditioner’s screen grille or its access panel, seal them out using adhesive and duct tape.

Make sure that there are no crevices or gaps at the bottom of your window air conditioner and that they are properly sealed so that animals cannot enter through these openings.

How Long Can You Store A Window Air Conditioner?

The air conditioner’s appearance will be preserved if it is stored in its original box. If you don’t have the box, cover your air conditioner with a large garbage bag. This will help to protect the machine during its six to eight months in storage.

After six to eight months, stop using the air conditioner and disconnect the power cord. Before removing your unit from storage, check for any damages or wear to its steel shell or body parts. If you see damage or cracks, don’t use it until you have repaired it.

To be able to store your window air conditioner for its recommended lifespan, never use it if it’s not working properly. If you notice excessive wear or damage on its parts and cannot fix it yourself, contact a professional HVAC technician who can replace defective components with new ones at a reasonable price.

You can store your air conditioner in a garage or in the attic. If you choose to store it in an attic, make sure that it is close to its original box or a large garbage bag. This will protect electrical parts and mechanisms from exposure and contact with moisture.

Here are some ways to extend the lifespan of your window air conditioner: Do not operate your unit when it is very hot outside because it can cause damage to its components and internal mechanisms.

Make sure that your air conditioner stays clean by regularly removing dust, dirt, and other debris from its body and access panels. Avoid placing objects on top of the unit if possible.

During cold weather conditions, don’t run this machine for more than 15 minutes at a time or for more than two hours at a stretch.

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