How Do You Cover An Unsightly Concrete Patio?

How Do You Cover An Unsightly Concrete Patio?

How Do You Cover An Unsightly Concrete Patio?

A patio, which serves as an outdoor living space, adds important square footage to your property. If your patio is covered in unappealing and chilly cement, you may be hesitant to turn it into a living place.

Covering your unappealing cement patio will transform it into a more attractive place. There are several alternatives available.

Step 1: Paint Your Concrete Patio.

Paint your concrete patio. Paint is a cheap and easy solution to make an unsightly cement patio more attractive. Clean the patio surface with a power washer and sweep away any dirt.

Choose an external latex paint color and apply it to the surface. If you’re painting the patio a single color, use a roller to apply the paint. If you want to make a design with paint, paint the patio with hand-held brushes.

Step 2: Tile The Patio.

Tile the patio. Slate, sandstone, and travertine tiles, as well as ceramic tiles, can be utilized to resurface an unsightly cement patio.

Choose a tile style that appeals to you. Tile adhesive should be applied to the surface. Set the tiles into the adhesive and, after drying, fill up the gaps with grout.

Step 3: Hide The Cement.

Hide the cement patio under modular wood tiles. These interlocking wood tiles are designed exclusively for use as outdoor flooring.

Choose a design and finish, then lay them out over the surface of the cement patio and lock them into place, giving a non-permanent and aesthetically pleasing effect.

Step 4: Install Pavers.

Install pavers. Apply a coat of paver foundation to the patio, leaving about 8 inches of the edge free of the paver base. Place the pavers atop the paver base.

Set pavers directly on top of the exposed cement around the edge of the patio. Spread polymeric sand over the pavers and wet it down to solidify it.

How Do You Cover A Concrete Walkway?

A concrete sidewalk offers a useful surface for a yard, but if it is cracked, broken, or conflicts with the beauty of the environment, it should be covered.

If you wish to build a stone or paver pathway over the concrete, a concrete walkway provides a firm base. The addition of stones to a concrete surface enhances the level of your pathway. Consider adding mulch or a border of bright, low-growing flowers to the sides.

Step 1: Select Stones.

Select stones that are 1/2- to 1 inch thick to avoid rising the walkway too far. Hardscaping materials that may be used to cover a concrete walkway include cobblestones, pavers, tiles, and flagstones. The concrete surface will offer significant support for the thinner materials.

Step 2: Remove Dirt And Debris.

Using a stiff brush, remove dirt and debris from the concrete surface and pluck any weeds or encroaching grass growing through gaps in the concrete.

Step 3: Mix.

In a wheelbarrow, combine 4 parts sand, 1 part concrete, and enough water to produce a stiff slurry. If the mortar appears to be too runny, add more sand until it is solid enough to hold the shape of a tiny ball.

Step 4. Spread.

Using a trowel, spread a 1-inch layer of sand mortar across a 2-to-3-square-foot surface at a walkway corner.

Step 5: Arrange The Stone.

Arrange the stones in the sand mortar according to your pattern. Each stone should be buried to half its thickness. To guarantee constant spacing between each stone, use plastic spacers.

To ensure that the stones are equal, place a water level over the surface. To correct the level of the stones, add mortar as needed.

Wipe away any excess mortar from the stone with a damp, clean towel, and use the end of the trowel to remove any mortar that squeezes through the stones. Allow the stones to settle in the sand mortar for at least 36 hours.

Step 6: Create Grout.

To create grout, combine 1 part fine sand, 1 part cement, and enough water to produce a firm paste. Fill in the joints between each stone on all sides using the trowel. To avoid stains, remove excess grout using a wet towel and the edge of the trowel.

Step 7. Spray Water.

For one week, sprinkle water on the stone surface twice a day and avoid stepping on the stones. The water will improve the appearance and durability of the grout.

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