How Do You Cut A Concrete Foundation For An Egress Window?

How Do You Cut A Concrete Foundation For An Egress Window?

How Do You Cut A Concrete Foundation For An Egress Window?

Many egress window installations will include creating a wider aperture into your home’s foundation in order to install a window large enough to meet local building codes. Here’s how to make a concrete foundation for an egress window:

Step.1: Outline The Window From The Inside.

Outline the window’s measurements on the wall to get a feel of its size and position. Because concrete cutting is not as precise as wood cutting, and to allow for the installation of a wood frame, mark this roughly 3 12″ wider than the rough opening required by the window specifications, and add 1 34″ to the height.

Step 2: Construct A Temporary Support Wall.

If the window cut requires a support header, you’ll need to build a temporary 2″x4″ support wall to keep everything in place while you work on the project. The support wall should be about 3′ back from the wall being cut. Align the vertical studs with the floor joists directly. To ensure a snug fit, measure and cut each stud.

Step. 3: Hang Plastic To Keep Dust At Bay.

Concrete cutting is a dirty and filthy procedure. You should hang plastic to keep the dust as contained as possible.

Step. 4: Drill A Hole Through The Centerlines.

Find the centerlines of the window outline at the top and bottom. Drill a hole through the wall on the centerline of both the top and bottom of the window with a 12″ x 16″ masonry drill bit.

Step. 5: Outline The Window From The Outside.

Mark the rough opening for the Egress Window on the exterior of the foundation wall by utilizing the two holes drilled through the wall as the vertical window opening centerline and the top and bottom of the horizontal opening.

To guarantee that the dimensions are level, use a long level to measure them. Leveling can also be accomplished by using mortar lines in the foundation wall.

Step. 6: Make A Hole In Each Corner.

After you’ve designated the corners, drill a level hole through the wall at each one.

Step. 7: Remove The Concrete.

Cut the concrete will using a diamond blade concrete demolition saw, starting on the exterior. Begin by cutting a 12″ deep groove in the concrete block, then complete the cut on the second pass.

Cut from the inside after cutting from the outside. When you cut the concrete, you can expect a lot of dust. Wear all required safety equipment, such as goggles and a mask.

Dusk can be reduced by wetting the saw blade. We propose using an electric saw rather than a gas saw to avoid fumes while completing the cut indoors.

Step. 8: Knock Out The Block.

Start at the top center of the cut block and break it out with a 3 or 4-pound hammer. Work slowly around the edges to avoid loosening the remaining bricks.

Break out the core in the centre of a resistant block first, then break the block.

Step. 9: Smooth The Opening Out.

Chip the sides of the aperture with a brick chisel until they are smooth. Check the measurements again to confirm that the aperture is large enough to accommodate a frame and a window.

Step. 10: Fill The Block Cores With Concrete If You Have A Block Foundation.

Concrete will be required to fill the blocks along the bottom of the cut. Before you apply the concrete, pack the centers of the blocks with newspaper to keep the concrete from trickling down.

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