How Do You Grow Basil On A Window Sill?

How Do You Grow Basil On A Window Sill?

How Do You Grow Basil On A Window Sill?

Because the dark lozenge-shaped seeds are small enough to be placed individually, place five or six evenly spaced on top of the compost and cover with a thin layer of more compost. Firm this layer down gently to remove any air pockets, then place the pot on a sunny window sill. The basil should germinate in about six weeks.

You can transfer the seedlings to a growing pot with drainage holes after it has grown to about 1cm high. If you don’t have any pots of this size, just stamp them on the top of the compost surface and make a hole in the middle.

To give them an extra boost of energy, you can sprinkle water on top of the compost once a week. Basil is one of those herbs that tolerate cold very easily, but if it gets too cold at night, bring it in from outside for the day. It is possible to have a window sill that is full of thriving green plants.

Window sill gardening is an excellent way to add beauty and vitality to your home. Window sill gardening is very popular in the spring and summer, but you can also grow basil on a window sill year-round.

If you are looking for a unique way to decorate your windowsill, look no further than your windowsill garden. Provide good drainage by raising the window sills at least 1-2 inches off the ground, and make sure there are no snags or tears in the rubber seals.

Maintain your windowsill garden by watering and fertilizing when needed, since it doesn’t need much work and attention.

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