How Do You Hang Curtains On A Door Window?

How Do You Hang Curtains On A Door Window?

How Do You Hang Curtains On A Door Window?

Insert a sash rod through your curtains’ top pocket. Hold the rod up to the door and adjust its length by pulling or pushing on one end. The holes on the sash rod’s end should correspond to the prongs on the sash bracket.

Slide the rod over the prong and secure it with a clip. If your curtains are not extra-long, make sure to add the extra length of your rod to the top edge of your curtain to create a project. This will ensure that you can pull it closed.

Curtains can be hard to pull close when they are too long. Before you begin, take a tape measure and measure the length of your window. Add 1 inch to this length and then divide your total window measurement by two.

This will give you space between each rod end because there is a half-inch of overlap at each end where they will meet in the middle of the window. When you begin to hang your curtains, place the first rod with extra space between its ends on top of the next curtain.

Pull it closed, securing it with a safety pin in one of your pockets (or inside any additional pocket you may have added). You may then hang the remaining rods, always adding a half-inch of space between them.

1: Measure and mark off the area for each curtain.

2: Curtain panels should be hemmed at least one inch longer than the dimensions of window curtains to allow for excess drape when gathered at each end.

If your panels are longer than your curtain rod, fold them back onto themselves and sew them to create the finished end. The hemmed edge will eventually be sewn to the rod pocket with all other raw edges lined up neatly, creating a nice clean look on all sides of your drapes and window treatment.

3: Place the panel wrong side facing and with a hanging hem towards you.

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