How Do You Hang Curtains On A Recessed Window?

How Do You Hang Curtains On A Recessed Window?

How Do You Hang Curtains On A Recessed Window?

Hang floor-length drapes from a drapery rod installed just below ceiling height at the top of a recessed window. Tiebacks or holdbacks should be added on each side of the window, or the drape should be attached to the rod with café rings so the drapes can be slid open and closed.

This can also be used to make curtains for recessed bay windows. In addition, this technique can be used to make a custom canopy over the bed. It is common for window treatments or drapes to be placed inside the recessed window, which may obscure the view from the outside looking in.

Placing window treatments on either side of a recessed window can make the view more open, however, this is not always possible due to difficulty in finding a matching drapery rod in a deep recess. This is where café curtains can come in handy. Café curtains are also called tie-backs or hold-backs.

They are typically extra-long drapes made especially for use with recessed bay windows and sliding glass doors. These drapes are hung from the top of the recessed window and tied to a regular-size curtain rod below.

This not only makes the drapery rod shorter and easier to find but provides a more open view from inside or outside the home. The curtains are tied back when not in use, but still, allow light to filter into the room as well as provide privacy at night.

This is a great way to add floor-length drapery or café curtains to your windows, but do note that you will need to be able to see out of both sides of your window treatment. Additionally, you may have difficulty locating curtains long enough for use in deep recesses.

For example, if you have a bay window that is 8 feet wide and less than 4 feet deep, finding curtains to match a drapery rod that is at least 8 feet long isn’t likely. You may have to use curtains that are longer than what you actually need in order to make the window treatments fit inside your recessed windows.

How do you get curtains to stay up?

Use clips, hooks, or tape-much like you would with a window blind, these will hold the curtain in place but allow it to be pushed away if you need access; be sure that they are first fixed in position correctly and securely.

  1. Magnetic rods can be used on metal doors- apply magnets to the back of curtain material, and the fabric will stick to the magnet and hold. Fixing curtains to a curtain track is not only a useful way of securing them into position, but it also allows them ample time to dry out between uses.
  2. Kwik-Hang Curtain Rod Brackets are recommended- these allow you to fix your curtains in a matter of seconds, then detachable them within seconds. (Please note these are not designed for use on windows.)

Velcro can be used for lighter-weight curtains, attaching small velcro squares to the top and bottom edges can be enough to secure the drapes into place; if you have heavier or very long drapes, however, we recommend using a rod and track option instead.

  1. Make use of 3M Command Hooks- the hooks can be placed at the top of the window frame, then used for hanging the curtains. You can sew or melt weights into place-sewing small weights (such as washers) into place on the bottom edge of your curtains can help keep them in place; melted weights will keep larger drapes in place.

Fix velcro onto the sharp corners-the velcro will stop the curtain from gathering and causing a drag on the base of your curtain pole, thus reducing wear and tear.

  1. Tension rods should be used-such as the Rod Ceiling System, which can be used to hold curtain weights so they don’t pull or drag on the walls. These are also useful if you need to make adjustments-they allow you to lift, rotate and stow your curtains while they are still in place.
  2. Utilize Coat Hooks in Novel Ways-Hang hooks on the ceiling, then use a strip of velcro to secure them in place. Hang the strip from one end of your ‘rod’ and attach your curtains to it.

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