How Do You Hang Curtains On An Arched Window?

How Do You Hang Curtains On An Arched Window?

How Do You Hang Curtains On An Arched Window?

This is done by following the curve. How curtains on an arched window follow its form hang requires flexible or curved rods. Gravity, on the other hand, is not on your side: standard curtain rings will simply slip to the sides, causing your window to droop.

Get rings that lock in place and use tiebacks to adjust the drapes from below. Round rods are a popular alternative. You’ll need to get lots of brackets, bracket extensions, and extra pulleys from your curtain manufacturer if you go that route.

There are main types of curtains when you consider the different options for finishing them. Each has a slightly different look and provides more or less protection from the elements, depending on whether they are lined, layered, or sheer.

Sheer curtains: Although it is possible to think of this type as sheer in terms of the sheerness of the fabric, it is more accurate to think of these curtains as see-through curtains.

They tend to look best when lined with another curtain behind an inner layer that provides privacy and keeps out dust and light while still giving the room a soft glow. They are also the sheerest. Linen curtains: Linen curtains are made from linen – or the woven fibers from flax, hemp, and cotton in one form or another.

They look best when hanging with a lightweight outer layer to shield them from dust and light. You can also add a lining to block out more light and keep out cold drafts as well as make your linens look upscale when paired with darker drapes above and below them.

Making these curtains is quite easy, especially if you have a sewing machine at home. You can also hang curtains on an arched window without rods by first anchoring the curtain rod by tucking it between two studs in the middle of a wall or ceiling.

Then anchor your drapes to the rod and measure them so they’re just 1/2 inch away from the floor (or as close as you can get), allowing for free movement in both directions. If you’re going to use pulleys, make sure they’re as close to the floor as possible while still allowing drapes to move freely in all directions.

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