How Do You Make Epoxy Resin Keychains?

How Do You Make Epoxy Resin Keychains?

How Do You Make Epoxy Resin Keychains?

Making epoxy resin keychains is a simple process that can be done at home. All you need is some epoxy resin, alcohol ink, and glitter. You can also add additional embellishments; such as charms or beads if you want.

First, mix the epoxy resin according to the instructions on the packaging. Divide the resin into small cups and add your alcohol ink and glitter into the individual cups. Pour the resin into your alphabet molds, and let the letters cure for 24 hours.

Next, drill holes into the letters using a drill bit that is a little bit smaller than the size of the glitter. You can use a drill bit specifically designed for this purpose or a regular drill bit and a drill bit gauge to determine the size of the hole. Make sure to use a bit of sandpaper to smooth out the edges of the holes after drilling them.

Finally, attach the keychains to the rings using the screws with alphabet molds. You can use silver or gold screws; whichever color you prefer. You can also add a piece of elastic to the back of the keychain if you want.

After you put everything together, allow the keychains to cure for several hours before using them. Use this time to examine your project and ensure it is the way you want. If anything needs to be fixed, there is still time to do so before they are completely cured.

How Do You Mix Super Clear Epoxy Resin?

There are a few ways to mix the super clear epoxy resin. First, you will want to measure out two parts base resin and one-part curing agent. By volume, this should be 1-part base resin to 2 parts curing agent. Next, you will want to mix the resin thoroughly by hand for at least 3 minutes and between 3-5 minutes or until it is fully mixed.

Once the resin is mixed, you can begin to pour it into your desired containers. We recommend using plastic or glass containers, as these will not damage the resin over time. Make sure to label each container with the contents so you can easily track the project.

Once your project is completed, you will want to wait at least 24 hours before handling the resin. This is to allow the resin to cure properly. If you plan to use the resin in a project immediately, you can skip the waiting period. However, we recommend waiting at least 48 hours for the best results.

Finally, if you plan to reuse your resin, you will need to clean the container it is stored in before using it again. This is important because leftover bits of cured resin can cause stains and discolorations on new projects.

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