How Do You Shingle A Round Roof?

How Do You Shingle A Round Roof?

How Do You Shingle A Round Roof?

Round roofs are perfect candidates for shingles. They aren’t very different from a typical, flat roof, and they can be shingled in the same way.  The following are steps to be followed:

1. Lay tar paper over the roof.

Spread tarpaper on the roof. Begin at the bottom of the ceiling and lay the paper sheets, attaching them with staples every 6 inches or so. Overlap the paper’s edges as you proceed.

2. Begin laying your shingles at the edge of the roof.

Begin putting shingles around the roof’s border. The initial row of shingles should overhang the roof edge by about 1/8 inch but sit flush side by side rather than overlapping. To keep this initial row equal, measuring and drawing chalk lines may be useful.

3. Nail three roofing nails evenly among the top edge of each shingle.

Three roofing nails should be placed uniformly along the top border of each shingle. You may need to enlist the help of a buddy to hold the shingle around the curve of the roof so you can nail it flush with the roof.

4. Dab a small amount of roofing putty over the head of each nail.

Apply a small quantity of roofing putty to each nail head. This contributes to the roof’s waterproofing.

5. Install the second row of shingles above the first.

Place the second row of shingles on top of the first. This row should be offset such that the center of each shingle is above the junction between two shingles on the first row.

This balancing also aids in the prevention of leaks. Overlap the first row of shingles by about 1/4 inch so that the shingle above conceals the nails below.

  1. Install rows of shingles in the same overlapping, offsetting pattern up the roof, following the curves of the roof. Use more nails to keep the shingles even with the curving roof if required.

You won’t need to cut shingles for a roof ridge because the roof is curved. Trim roofing shingles to fit the contour of the roof if necessary using heavy-duty shears or vinyl cutters.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Roof Shingle?

Traditional strip or 3-tab shingle proportions and asphalt shingle dimensions used to be 12 inches wide by 36 inches long. These are still considered typical asphalt shingle dimensions. Compare the sizes and benefits of each asphalt roofing shingle manufactured by IKO.

The difference lies in the lengths and widths of the typical strip and 3-tab asphalt roof shingles. A long strip shingle is 36 inches long, while a long 3-tab asphalt roof shingle is 42 inches long.

All these sizes are easy to install, but remember that a longer shingle will allow more sight lines for any given pitch and pitch span.

What Is A 3-Tab Roof Shingle?

The three asphalt tabs on each shingle give 3-tab shingles their name. They’re made in a single, flat sheet, with the three tabs spaced evenly along the bottom border. These tabs slot together like easy puzzle pieces when the shingles are put in.

It’s a fairly fast way to install shingles, especially if you have a few hands helping you. The 3-tab shingle has four sets of tabs on the bottom edge, which is something you need to be aware of when installing them.

An asphalt strip roof shingle is just as traditional as the 3 tabs, but these have been around longer than their counterparts. They’re also less complicated to install, and they’ve been proven to be effective in many climates.

The 12″ width of the strip shingles are perfect for any residence because it’s enough to protect against water damage while still ensuring that they can fit perfectly into any roof design.

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