How Do You Stain Concrete Floors Indoors?

How Do You Stain Concrete Floors Indoors?

How Do You Stain Concrete Floors Indoors?

Given the widespread availability of concrete floors and practically limitless design choices, you may be surprised to learn that an interior polished concrete floor may be readily colored or stained. Here are five ways to creating a beautiful ornamental concrete floor.

Clean The Surface

First and foremost, you must ensure that you are dealing with a blank slate. Make certain that any oil stains and other impurities on the floor are cleaned.

You may move on to the next grinding stage when your floor is clean. This step is simple if you know how to use a floor buffer and an angle grinder. Rent a floor sander and equip it with a diamond pad.

Single-pad devices are widely accessible and simple to operate. For the edges, use an angle grinder equipped with a diamond grinder.

Wet grinding is ideal since it produces less dust, but a HEPA filter and safety glasses will keep your lungs and eyes safe.

Clean The Surface For Optimal Results

Vacuum or wash away dust after the concrete is smooth and clear of previous coats.

Then, apply a concrete cleaning solution to the whole surface using a mop. This is usually done using a mop or a soft brush. Then, let it dry.

Mask The Design

Any parts you don’t want coloured, such as thresholds, baseboards, walls, or floor fixtures, should be mask off.

This is where you can get creative, laying down designs as elaborate as you like with masking tape and butcher paper or tape and drape.

If you wish to build a pattern with many colors, proceed to Step 4 with one color and then mask again for additional colors.

Use The Color

Apply the color with a sprayer in two or three coats, leaving time between each. Detail work and cutting edges may be accomplished using a brush.

Concrete hues come in a variety of tones that you may mix and match depending on the area and your design goals.

PROSOCO Consolideck GemTone Stain is available in five basic hues that may be blended or layered for endless color and design options.

Seal The Color

Finally, seal the concrete. Once the sealer has had time to set, there are numerous ways to apply it to your polished concrete floor.

The most typical approach for achieving an incredibly smooth and glossy surface is to use a sprayer and microfiber pads.

Apply two coats of sealer, allowing less than four hours between each. Finally, wait three or four days before allowing foot movement and furniture installation on your floor.

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