How Long Does Roof Sarking Last?

How Long Does Roof Sarking Last?

How Long Does Roof Sarking Last?

Concrete tile roofs have an average lifespan of 50 years. In the correct conditions, clay tiles may endure up to 100 years, terracotta tiles approximately 50 years, and slate roof tiles up to 100 years.

It is important to consider that if the roof is not maintained properly, it will not last as long.

Is Sarking Required Under A Metal Roof?

Sarking is vital in metal roofs because it avoids condensation, which can lead to corrosion. Condensation can build on the bottom of roof panels without sarking, causing early rusting and leaking to rotting timber and harming plaster.

It is also vital because it ensures that metal roofs meet the fire safety requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

Metal roofing is a great option for Mediterranean climate houses where you don’t want concrete tiles on your house because they are too hot during summer. However, metal roofs are quite expensive and have a longer lifespan than concrete tiles.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Roof Sarking?

For most roofs, the cost will be between $8 and $10 per square metre, depending on the complexity of the job. This includes the removal of roof tiles, removal of old sarking, sarking installation, and fitting of new tiles.

If you want to trim your roof, this will probably be another additional cost that goes towards installing and removing sarking.

It can be argued that nailing and replacing roof tiles is much cheaper than sarking. So, it is ultimately a personal preference whether you would rather have one or the other.

Do You Need Sarking under Colorbond Roof?

No, you do not need sarking under a colorbond roof because they are made of low-maintenance materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride. They are more resistant to frost and water damage than concrete tiles.

Sarking is not a required feature under Australian construction codes. Having said that, it is often suggested in order to increase a home’s thermal performance and avoid condensation within the roof area.

How To Install Sarking On The Existing Roof?

Qualified roof installation professionals or insulation businesses give high-quality service to property owners who want to repair their roof structures. They also ensure the optimum supply of sarking materials to ensure the product’s longevity and efficiency.

  1. Consult a reputed local roof sarking provider to invest in high-quality goods that will endure for years.
  2. Determine the right measurement and quantity of sarking sheets by identifying the roof dimension. This helps to avoid future problems with inadequate sheets and stock-outs.
  3. Remove the ridge capping to remove roof tiles and clips, then remove the entire roof covering.
  4. Unfasten any clips that keep the roof tiles in place. If any are broken, replace them after reinstalling the tiles. This also includes the removal of any existing sarking, which must be removed from the bottom of the rafters.
  5. Remove all roof battens so that you may place sarking beneath them, then replace the battens, roof tiles, and ridge capping after fitting the sarking in place.
  6. Carefully and precisely place the sarking sheets in the roof hollow. To attach them to the rafters, use a staple or nail, and reattach the nail or staple to attach the sarking sheets. This will eliminate gaps on the roof.
  7. Once you’ve finished fitting the sarking sheets, replace the battens.
  8. Replace the roof tiles to cover the whole roof area.
  9. Reattach the ridge capping and adjust it.
  10. Gather all used tools and supplies and store them safely, and seal the roof with a suitable sealing agent.

Do I Need To Replace The Sarking On My House If It Is Damaged?

Roof sarking protects your roof cavity, which, if undermined by rain can lead to mold development, leaks, and even irreversible ceiling damage.

If these accidents occur, you may be forced to relocate or replace your roof early, which is both costly and time-consuming.

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