How To Increase Workability Of Concrete

How To Increase Workability Of Concrete

How To Increase the Workability Of Concrete

Are you looking for ways to increase the workability of concrete? From adding air-entraining mixtures to increasing the size of aggregate, there are several techniques that can be used to make your concrete more workable.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to effectively use each of these techniques, including adding air-entraining mixtures, increasing the mixing temperature, increasing size of aggregate, increasing the mixing time, increasing water/cement ratio, using non-porous and saturated aggregate and using well-rounded and smooth aggregate.

So read on to find out more about making your concrete easier to work with!

Addition Of Air-Entraining Mixtures

Adding air-entraining mixtures to concrete can significantly increase the workability of concrete. Air-entraining agents in concrete reduce surface tension which leads to better workability, increased stability and improved bond between paste and aggregates.

This allows for a greater degree of mobility when placing the mixture.

Additionally, air-entraining mixtures improve freeze/thaw resistance and lower water requirements for the same amount of workability compared to non-air entrained mixes.

Thus, using an appropriate amount of air entraining mix is one way to effectively increase the overall workability of your concrete while preventing adverse effects such as segregation or bleeding.

Increase The Mixing Temperature

When working with concrete, it is important to ensure that the workability of the material is sufficient. One way to make sure that concrete remains as workable as possible is to increase the mixing temperature.

Higher temperatures make it easier for the cement particles to mix together, resulting in a more cohesive mixture. This can also reduce the amount of water needed in order to achieve an appropriate degree of workability, further improving its capabilities as a building material.

Increase Size Of Aggregate

Using larger-sized aggregates in concrete can increase the workability of the concrete. Large size aggregates increase the workability due to lesser surface area, as finer aggregates composition means larger surface area exposure for reaction i.e. hydration of cement, and thus reduced workability

Aggregates such as pebbles and gravel provide improved strength to the concrete along with improved workability. Additionally, these larger aggregate sizes prevent shrinkage and cracking by providing space for water to expand against them.

As a result, this helps make the concrete more workable since it does not need a large amount of water to achieve proper consistency. Furthermore, when compared with smaller aggregates, larger aggregates create less dust which makes it easier to handle and move around on the job site.

Increase The Mixing Time

When it comes to increasing the workability of concrete, one of the most important things to consider is mixing time. Increasing the amount of time that the concrete is mixed for can result in a smoother and more malleable material.

By allowing adequate time for the ingredients to become fully integrated, the resulting mix will contain evenly distributed particles throughout its texture.

Additionally, longer mixing times help ensure that air bubbles are eliminated and clumping is minimized. Taking care to increase your mixing times will help you achieve a higher quality product with greater overall strength and longevity.

Increase Water/Cement Ratio

Increasing the water to cement ratio is one of the most effective ways to improve the workability of concrete. When adding more water, the mixture becomes easier to shape and manipulate into whatever form you want it to take.

The increased water also helps make for a smoother surface when setting or finishing concrete, reducing any risk of overly coarse surfaces or “hairy” texture in the end product. However, it’s important not to add too much liquid, as this can cause issues with strength and durability down the line.

The key is striking a balance between helping maintain workability while not compromising on other aspects of performance and longevity.

Use Non-Porous And Saturated Aggregate

When considering how to increase the workability of concrete, one important factor is to use non-porous and saturated aggregates. The use of non-porous aggregates prevents excess water absorption which reduces the amount of mix water needed in order to reach optimum workability.

In addition, this also increases durability since there is less likelihood of shrinkage due to drying. Saturated aggregates offer better bond characteristics when combined with other components resulting in a more homogenous structure with improved durability over time.

Both of these measures will lead to an increase in workability while still ensuring structural strength and longevity.

Use Well-Rounded And Smooth Aggregate

Adding well-rounded and smooth aggregate to concrete can greatly improve workability. This type of aggregate ensures that there are no sharp particles, which can hinder the flow of concrete and reduce its workability.

Additionally, the rounded characteristics can provide support and increase structural stability and strength in the finished product.

By sourcing the highest quality, well-rounded aggregates for your projects, you will be able to reduce time on site by improving the flowability and increasing the overall workability of your concrete mix.


In conclusion, increasing the workability of concrete can be achieved through a variety of methods, including reducing water content, adding extra cement and/or admixtures to alter its properties, or using different mixing techniques such as vibration or manual methods.

All these options need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis in order to find the most suitable solution for your project.

By implementing the necessary changes, you can ensure that your concrete achieves maximum workability levels while still meeting strength requirements.

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