Is It Worth Buying A Concrete House?

Is It Worth Buying A Concrete House?

Is It Worth Buying A Concrete House?

Yes, this is because concrete buildings use less energy, homeowners may expect to save 20 to 25% on yearly heating and cooling expenditures alone when compared to homes constructed of other typical materials.

This cost savings might be considerable for long-term homeowners who remain in a concrete home.

When building a concrete home, homeowners may choose to install smaller heating and cooling equipment, which might save them hundreds or even thousands of dollars upfront.

Homeowners who buy a concrete home may be eligible for an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM).

These allow homeowners to obtain a larger mortgage and spend more money in a concrete house due to decreased monthly heating and cooling expenditures.

While the initial cost of a concrete home would most certainly be higher, the continuous savings will more than compensate.

The investment will be well worth it, from insurance policy discounts to lower utility costs.

Aside from durability, energy efficiency, and the possibility to save money, homeowners should also consider style.

What Do You Put Between House And The Concrete?

A house constructed of concrete is an interesting and durable building material that can last for many years. Concrete is a strong and sturdy construction material that withstand a lot of wear and tear.

However, one downside of using concrete as a building material is that it can be difficult to keep it looking new and fresh.

One way to keep a concrete house looking new is to put a layer of landscaping between the house and the concrete.

The best technique to fill a gap between a concrete slab and a wall is to measure the gap first. It can be filled with urethane caulk if it is 14-inch (6 mm) or smaller.

If the gap is bigger than 0.25 inch, insert a foam backer rod into it before filling it with urethane caulk.

Smooth the urethane using a spoon or caulking tool after caulking. Finally, wipe off any excess caulk with mineral spirits.

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