Nakuru County Government Building Plan Approval

Nakuru County Government Building Plan Approval

Nakuru County Government Building Plan Approval

The process for obtaining building plan approval in Nakuru County involves several steps. First, an applicant must submit a completed building plan application form and the required documents and fees to the County Government’s Physical Planning Department.

The department will review the application to ensure it meets the relevant regulations and standards.

If the application is deemed complete and compliant, it will be forwarded to the County Physical Planning Board for review and approval. The board is a statutory body responsible for deciding on building plan applications.

It comprises representatives from various government departments and agencies, private sector representatives, and community representatives.

Once the board has reviewed the application, it will make a decision on whether to approve or reject the building plan.

The applicant will be issued a building plan approval certificate if the building plan is approved. This certificate is required before construction can begin on the proposed development.

However, if the board determines that the building plan does not meet the required standards or regulations, it may reject the application.

In such cases, the applicant can appeal the decision to the County Physical Planning Appeals Committee, which has the authority to overturn the board’s conclusion.

The process for obtaining building plan approval in Nakuru County is intended to ensure that any proposed developments are safe, sustainable, and in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

By requiring building plan applications to be reviewed by a board and an appeals committee, the process also provides applicants with a high level of protection and assurance as they plan their developments.

The Registration Application Must Include The Following Documents.

  1. Certified architectural plans (original and copies)
  2. Certified structural plans (original and copies)
  3. Architect’s license to practice (copy)
  4. Engineer’s license to practice (copy)
  5. A survey plan from Survey of Kenya;
  6. Site map.
  7. Ownership documents (copies)
  8. Up-to-date rates payment receipts.
  9. Land Search (latest).

Fees Chargeable During Approval Of Building Plan In Nakuru.

The size of the structure determines the construction permit fee. The fees are as follows:

  1. Building plan approval fee: 1% of the projected construction cost.
  2. Construction sign board fee: Ksh.25, 000.
  3. iii. Application fee: Ksh.5, 000.
  4. Inspection of building Ksh.5, 000.
  5. Occupation certificate: Ksh.5, 000.

The NCA levy is 0.5% of the overall cost of the construction project.

Procedure to Be Followed During Approval of the Building Plan.

This method shows how to get a Nakuru Construction/Building Permit.

In-Person Application

Step 1: Survey Kenya Can Provide You With A Survey Plan.

  1. The first step is to go to the Survey of Kenya, Nakuru offices in the ministry of land departments and request a survey plan. When obtaining construction permission, a Survey of Kenya survey plan is necessary.
  2. You should then make the following request for a Folio Registry number search:

When obtaining the survey plan, you must present documentation of land ownership. The survey plan is provided to the customer to ensure that it is the one they requested, and then they are given a payment permission sheet to go and pay for the survey plan.

iii. Proceed and pay for the Folio Registry number search:

You will be asked to provide payment authorization for this service. The numbers search will cost you Ksh 150.

  1. Confirm survey plan availability and pay for survey plan:

After the search has been completed and availability has been confirmed. The survey plan will cost you Ksh 650.

  1. The entire procedure takes one-three days.

On-line Application

Step 2: Submit Architectural Plans To The County Government For Approval.

The Architect submits all structural and architectural designs for support using the eDevelopment Permit System online portal and follows the procedures below

  1. Create an account on the County self-service site.
  2. Submit architectural plans

iii. Cover permit fees.

The County government will send you an invoice that you must pay; this can take up to 2-3 weeks to receive.

  1. Obtain permission notification for architectural plans.
  2. Submit architectural plans for approval.
  3. Obtain go ahead to submit structural plans.

Step 3: Submit And Acquire Structural Plan Approval.

Visit the county’s using the eDevelopment Permit System online portal  procedures below:

  1. Provide structural plans online
  2. Obtain review report of structural plans

Construction may begin with approved plans while the application for a building permit is handled.

The following documents must be presented for approval:

  1. a) Architectural drawings,
  2. b) Property location survey records and others.

It takes around 2-7 days for approval.

Step 4: Get Architectural and Structural Designs Stamped By the Nakuru City County – Development Control Section.

After the designs have been authorized, the architect must provide physical copies of the plans to Nakuru City County for stamping, even though the documents were submitted electronically.

After the architect’s blueprints have been stamped, the engineer must do the same. The engineer, unlike the architect, does not have to wait a month for the physical copies to arrive.

The approval process takes about ten days. The permission is provided at no cost.

Step 5: Request An Environmental Expert’s Project Report.

  1. After obtaining the survey plan, a professional environmental expert must be retained to write a project report for submission to NEMA.
  2. The project report may take five days to produce and cost around Ksh.50, 000.

Step 6: Obtain Clearance from the National Environment Management Authority for the Environmental Impact Study (NEMA)

Following the new Environmental Management and Coordination Act on February 27, 2009, businesses must now acquire project permission from the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

Projects in all risk categories are subject to approval and an environmental impact assessment (EIA).

On average, approval takes 30 days. Prior to February 11, 2009, the charge rate was 0.1% of warehouse value. An EIA study from NEMA costs around Ksh.50, 000.

Step 7: Register Your Project With The National Construction Authority (NCA).

The construction business must then register the planned construction project with the National Construction Authority (NCA) and complete a project registration form detailing the construction activities. The structure Form for Project Registration

It is available for download on the NCA website.

The compliance certificate is obtained in about a week.

Following the application submission, the building business receives a temporary certificate indicating that the registration is being processed.

The construction business will subsequently be issued an invoice for the levy it must pay the authority at designated bank accounts listed on the NCA website. The charge is 0.5% of the overall project cost (a percentage applicable to projects with a value of over Ksh.5, 000,000).

It takes around one day for approval. The permission is provided at no cost.

Step 8: Receive On-Site Inspections By NCA To Ensure Compliance And Collect An Invoice.

Following the application submission, the construction site is inspected to ensure compliance with the authorized designs and NEMA clearance.

Following the site inspection, the applicant will get an invoice detailing the amount due.

Step 9: Submit Payment Receipts and Acquire Preliminary and Final Compliance Certificates.

After payment is received, the applicant is granted a provisional certificate of conformity that is good for 90 days. If there are no more violations of compliance, the final compliance certificate will be provided.

The approval process takes about one week.

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