Should I Use Concrete Or Cement For Fence Post Holes?

Should I Use Concrete Or Cement For Fence Post Holes?

Should I Use Concrete Or Cement For Fence Post Holes?

Concrete is the best material to use for fence post holes. It is strong and will support the weight of the fence. Cement is not as strong and can break down over time.

Concrete is made up of paste and aggregates, which might be gravel, sand, or crushed stone. Cement, on the other hand, is a component of concrete.

The paste is made from a combination of water and cement. Cement accounts for 10 to 15% of the total volume of the concrete mix. Through the hydration process, cement and water harden and bond the aggregates into a rock-like mass. This process continues for many years, allowing concrete to get stronger with age.

If you have sandy soil, concrete is the ideal material for installing wooden fence posts. Gravel may work with clay-heavy, deep soil since concrete lacks drainage and might retain moisture, causing the wood to decay. However, for looser soil, concrete is the finest alternative, as it will hold your fence posts securely in place.

Why Do Concrete Fence Posts Crack?

Cracks in your concrete fence posts might compromise the structural integrity of your building. But why are these fence posts brittle? Is it possible to repair damaged concrete fence posts? And how exactly? Here is what we discovered after gathering relevant information for you.

Concrete fractures for a number of causes, but shrinking is one of the most common. This often occurs as the concrete hardens and dries. Furthermore, concrete fractures for the following reasons:

The concrete dries rapidly. Thermal shrinkage, restraint, settlement, loads, corrosion, and control joints are missing/inadequate.

How Do You Install Wrought Iron Fence On Concrete?

Wrought iron fence is a robust, beautiful addition to a yard that also serves a purpose, such as restricting a pet to a certain area. You may use it to border your yard or to liven up an otherwise boring area.

To create an enclosed room, fence is sometimes built around a concrete porch. You will need particular hardware to secure your iron fence to the surface if you are installing it on top of concrete. Here is how you can install Wrought iron fence on concrete;

  • Measure the concrete surface’s edge and mark the position of the posts.
  • Place a fence post in its intended place and mark the location of the holes in the welded plate on the post’s bottom end. Mark through the holes in the concrete with a pencil.
  • Remove the post and use a power drill and masonry bit to drill the hole locations. Drill to a depth sufficient to accept your concrete anchors.
  • Reinstall the post and insert the fastener portion of the concrete anchor through the holes and into the concrete. After hammering the fasteners into all of the post’s holes, tighten the bolt of the concrete anchor onto the fastener. To firmly secure it, use a wrench.
  • Drill a hole in the concrete where the gate posts will go. Use a specific core drill that can drill through concrete without going all the way through to the bottom.
  • Fill the hole with concrete epoxy. To mix the epoxy, follow the manufacturer’s directions. Fill the hole with dirt, then insert the post. Adjust the post using a level to verify that it is perpendicular to the concrete.
  • Strengthen the post by bracing it on all four sides with something like wooden planks. Remove the braces after the epoxy is dry, according to the directions.

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