Should Shutters Be the Same Size As Windows?

Should Shutters Be the Same Size As Windows?

Should Shutters Be the Same Size As Windows?

We recommend measuring only the window opening and not the frame or trim around it for the most authentic look. Typically, the width of your shutters should be half the width of your entire window. Vinyl shutters, on the other hand, come in a limited number of sizes.

It doesn’t mean you’ll have to go out and buy a replacement for every window opening you make; just measure the space around the window and if it’s even close, then what’s at home can work just as well.

Also, if you have a large opening and you’re looking at shutters that are the same size, consider buying one slightly larger to accommodate your opening. The width is the measurement of your shutter. This is not necessarily the width of the actual shutter, but rather the width of one whole side.

Oftentimes, this is indicated by a number in cm or in inches. The width can be measured in any direction (top, bottom, left, right, or side) and each of those measurements will add to the overall width. You’ll also need to know what mounts these shutters will use on your window frame (either screws or nails).

The height of your shutters is the measurement from the ground to the bottom edge of your shutter. These are actually two measurements – one for the actual frame, and one that includes any mounting hardware.

You’ll need to know how high you want your shutters while keeping in mind that they will be mounted on your window frame or sash.

The width and height are considered the details of shutter sizing. Keep these numbers handy when you shop for shutters; they’re much easier to find out than other parts such as color and material type.

Can You Put Shutters On A Curved Window?

Yes. Curved windows can have custom shutters that cover the entire opening, as shown here, or standard shutters on the square portion and shutter arches above. The curves on the outer windows are known as half arches, and they are simple to make.

All you need is to draw two lines on your ceiling and two lines for the frame of the shutter. Then cut them out. If you’d like to use one shutter with multiple arches, you’ll need to cut it into three pieces – a top panel and two side panels.

The side panels will overlap with each other, whereas the top panel will only overlap with itself. The quarter arch can be made by cutting a window in half using a jigsaw and painting the lower section white before mounting it.

You’ll want to measure your window frame up from where the outside of your window meets the jamb to give yourself extra space for the wood, which will be cut out of plywood.

This shutter goes above a single-hung window. The detail in the middle is referred to as a half arch, and it’s cut out of plywood.

Lay out your shutter frame and mark where the jamb meets the bottom of your frame stock on all sides. Cut through both layers with a jigsaw, staying consistent with your marks as you go around the entire frame. Sand down any rough edges after completing this step.

While this project is more difficult than flat shutters, it’s not impossible. The first thing you need to do is measure your window, and then decide how many shutters you want to make. Take the measurement of your window and divide that by two. This will tell you how wide each of your shutters will be.


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