Waterproofing : Why you need Proper Waterproofing for Your House

Waterproofing : Why you need Proper Waterproofing for Your House

Waterproofing : Why you need Proper Waterproofing for Your House

Waterproofing: Need of Waterproofing for Your House

The leakage and seepage in the house are the most chronic problem which occurs from time to time just after completion of the house or at a later stage of completion during its life.

This perennial problem can be overwhelming if the leakages are linked to the structural part of the building. These problems  are common in underground basements, bathrooms and toilets, terraces, balconies, and other areas affected by rain water directly, overhead water tanks, plumbing joints and  kitchen.


The different types of damages that may occur to the building failure in water proofing

  • The harmful or undesirable effects due to leakage in the buildings are many. When water penetrates into the foundation, cracks develop due to the unequal settlement of foundations which may ultimately result in structural failure and sometimes difficult to repair.Waterproofing
  • Dampness in floors will cause not an only settlement of floor resulting in cracking or uprooting of floor tiles but will also create safety and health problems.Waterproofing Floors become slippery causing a safety hazard for the occupants.
  • Damages to furniture, cloth and other household items, books, papers, etc., are some of the undesirable and serious damages and effects.
  • Dampness attracts and breeds termites leading to unhygienic conditions, ill-health and discomfort to the inhabitants.Waterproofing
  • In many cases, the durability of the structure itself is seriously affected. The concrete deteriorates and the steel corrodes. Waterproofing
  • Due to dampness, safety problems are created in the electrical installations and wiring causing the short circuit, fire hazard and damage to electrical installations.Waterproofing This may cause accidents like an electric shock and also fire in the building or damage to electronic appliances.
  • The moisture in floor tiles will cause its expansion leading to its expansion resulting in tenting or buckling of tiles.Waterproofing
  • The moisture will cause wooden members to expand, resulting in difficulty in the closing of doors and windows

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