What Are The Different Types Of Foyer Tables?

What Are The Different Types Of Foyer Tables?

What Are The Different Types Of Foyer Tables?

A foyer, also known as an entry hall or entryway, is the first room or space one encounters upon entering a home. It serves as a statement piece, often designed to make a dramatic impression. Furniture commonly placed in foyers include foyer tables, which serve as a place to hold everyday items like keys, phones, and mail.

A foyer table is a must-have accent piece that adds the final touch to your home’s welcoming feel. It fills your entryway with visual appeal instead of leaving it empty.

These tables not only add style but also serve a practical purpose, with some models even offering storage.

Your guests will be impressed by the attractive, organized and pleasing appearance of your entryway. The foyer table provides a surface to display decorative items, pictures, keys and other items.

There are several types of foyer tables, including hall tables, console tables, accent tables, and desk style tables. The design of the table is often influenced by the size of the foyer, with traditional entryways requiring slim and narrow tables.

Foyer tables come in a wide range of styles, finishes, and prices, with contemporary homes often featuring glass or wrought iron tables, rustic homes showcasing oak or pine, and traditional homes sporting cherry, mahogany, or walnut pieces, either new or antique.

Half-moon or semi-circular tables are popular, being both compact and space-saving, while still allowing for the display of art or photographs. Some homeowners prefer to display a mirror or piece of artwork as the focal point above the table instead of placing items on its surface.

Taller console or sofa style tables often come with a bottom shelf for storage and a shallow drawer for small items. Desk style foyer tables are similar, but also feature drawers for storage, some even having a pull-out tray for writing.

The function of foyer tables can vary, depending on the homeowner’s daily routines. If they frequently enter through a back door or kitchen, the table can primarily serve as a display piece.

On the other hand, if the main entrance is through the foyer, the table may feature drawers for storing discarded items.

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