What Are The Most Popular Length Sizes Of A Shower Base?

What Are The Most Popular Length Sizes Of A Shower Base?

What Is A Shower Pan?

The shower pan is a floor component located beneath your shower that serves as a reservoir for water, directing it into the drain.

A top-quality shower pan is not only attractive, but also resistant to wear and tear from daily use, including the weight of the user, showering activities, and foot traffic.

If you have ever observed water from your shower flowing directly into the drain, it’s likely due to a sloping shower pan.

These pans are one-piece systems that can be easily installed in any shower niche surrounded by walls.

They play an important role in protecting your home by containing water within the shower area, as leakages could lead to electrical or fire hazards, or even promote mold growth due to persistent moisture.

What Are Common Shower Pan Sizes?

There are six customizable shower pan sizes that are commonly used. These include: Standard, Corner, Rectangular, Walk-in, Small, and Bathtub.

Standard Shower Pans: Also known as rectangular shower base pans, these are the most common size and fit in most showers and traditional home baths.

They measure 30 x 30 inches and it is recommended to use Thinset Mortar to reduce the risk of pan damage on uneven surfaces. Thinset Mortar is a mixture of cement and polymer that sticks to shower bases and tile walls.

Corner Shower Pans: These are designed to fit in two-wall corners and offer ample room for showering.

They are commonly used in small showers in tiny homes, RVs, and outdoors. The size can vary, with the smallest measuring 36 x 60 inches, and can easily be found pre-fabricated.

Rectangular Shower Pans: These have an extended width and shorter vertical depth, making them ideal for individuals with limited mobility.

The sizes can range from small (32 x 48 inches) to large (48 x 60 inches). Rectangular shower pans that are 60 inches or wider are ADA-compliant, making it easier for family members and caregivers to assist their loved ones.

Walk-in Shower Pans: These offer a lot of flexibility as they can be pre-manufactured or custom-made and can range in size from 32 x 48 inches to 48 x 60 inches.

Walk-in shower pans are not limited to standard dimensions or tile type and can also include base former shower pans that are hidden beneath your wood joists and tile floors.

Small Shower Pans: These are ideal for small single-family homes, apartments, and university dorms. They measure 30 x 76 inches and can be made of affordable materials such as acrylic and fiberglass.

Small luxury bathrooms can also consider customizing tiled or solid shower bases made of materials such as cultured marble or copper.

Bathtub Size Shower Pan: If you are looking to convert your bathtub into a walk-in shower, you can save on your water bill and increase the value of your home.

Small bathtub replacements measure 30 x 60 inches, medium-sized ones are 36 x 60 inches, and large ones are 48 x 60 inches.

To get the best results, it is recommended to customize medium to large-sized bathtub replacements to match the original print of your bathtub, while prefabricated is best for small bathtub replacements.

What Exactly Is The Width Size Of A Shower Pan?

The width of a shower pan refers to the measurement of the opening side, which is the key identifier for any shower base.

In a 60×32 shower pan, for instance, the width size is represented by the first number, which is 60 inches. For showers with multiple openings, the width is usually the longer side.

While corner showers are common, they are not as popular as alcove showers. Corner showers come in three different styles – Neo Angle, Neo Round, and Squared Corner pans.

The important measurements for these pans are the two sides that are flush with the wall and typically have the same dimensions, making the distinction of the “width” unnecessary.

In the case of Neo style shower pans, the opening side is the section that is not adjacent to the corner walls.

For Neo angle pans, this would be the three-sided section located on the bottom and right side of the image. Similarly, Neo round showers have an opening, but it is rounded instead of angular.

The Most Common Width Sizes Of A Shower Pan?

Out of the 9 brands researched, the 60″ size emerged as the clear favorite. It is not only the most widely preferred size overall but also the most sought after by each of the companies studied.

There are several reasons for this. When space is not a concern, many people prefer to have a spacious shower.

However, there is a limit to the size that can be accommodated in an average home without it becoming too grand.

Higher-end bathroom customers typically opt for a tiled shower floor instead of a shower base.

Manufacturers have a good understanding of their target market and have collectively determined that 60″ is the largest shower base size that the typical American homeowner is likely to choose.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of 60″ is that it is the standard size for a bathtub. Many homeowners who opt for bathroom renovations often switch from a bathtub to a walk-in shower.

As a result, it makes sense to replace it with a shower base that fits seamlessly with the existing plumbing.

What Exactly Is A Length Size Of A Shower Base?

The size of the shower base is determined by measuring the distance from the back to the front of an alcove shower, with the assumption that the front of the shower is where a person enters, defined by the width of the opening. For corner showers, the length measurement is taken perpendicular to the width.

In the industry, the term “depth” may also be used by contractors and designers, but manufacturers have standardized the term as “length”.

Typically, the length dimension is smaller due to the need to install the showerhead on either the right or left side when facing the shower, to avoid the showerhead pointing towards the entrance. A wider width offers more flexibility in positioning away from the showerhead.

What Are The Most Popular Length Sizes Of A Shower Base?

Research indicates that 36 inches is the most sought-after shower base length among consumers.

This preference is particularly evident among the three leading manufacturers, Aquatic, Maax, and MTI, which together produce 68 out of 97 SKUs in the market. These companies, which offer shower bases for both residential and commercial projects, have found that 36 inches is the preferred length size among customers.

It’s worth noting that shower base lengths tend to be smaller, as reflected in the data which shows that fewer SKUs are available for longer shower pans. 60 inches was the most popular width size, but only 3 SKUs from 9 brands offer this length.

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