What are the Pros and Cons of Basswood Shutters?

What are the Pros and Cons of Basswood Shutters?

What Are Basswood Shutters?

Basswood shutters are a type of window shutter made from the wood of the basswood tree. Basswood shutters are a popular choice for homes because of their natural beauty and their ability to provide insulation and noise reduction.

Basswood shutters are available in a variety of styles, including louvered, paneled, and raised panel. They can be painted or stained to match any color scheme and are easy to operate.

Basswood shutters are also a good choice for homes with large windows, as they provide maximum coverage and privacy.

Basswood shutters are beautiful and functional. They provide privacy and security while adding a touch of elegance to any room.

Pros of Basswood Shutters

1. Basswood shutters are Durable:

Basswood shutters are highly durable and hard. You most likely won’t find a more durable wood alternative than basswood when looking for window shutters.

Finding window coverings made of solid wood that can withstand the test of time is more crucial than you would realize, even if durability may not be the first consideration when choosing window coverings.

Basswood shutters have grown to be quite popular since cheaper wooden shutters may rapidly lose their usefulness and even deform when exposed to high heat or dampness.

Basswood shutter buyers may rest easy knowing that their new window treatment will endure for many years after installation.

2. Basswood shutters are Practical Versatility:

Window shutters are absolutely wonderful to have, in a sense that they are versatile. However, many of us do not choose window coverings that are as versatile as we would like them to be.

Basswood shutters come in a wide variety of designs, shapes, sizes and colors that allow you to choose one that satisfies your design preferences and is ideal for your home’s décor.

You have the freedom to pick something you feel will fit well with the rest of the décor in your home.

Basswood shutters are also a great choice for someone who is looking to create a natural feel in their home by maximizing the amount of light that pours in, as well as blocking out too much light so that your home remains dark and peaceful.

3. Basswood shutters are easy to maintain:

When it comes to their maintenance, basswood shutters are easy to maintain. They are made of wood, so wiping them down with a dry microfiber cloth and a little bit of wood oil will do the trick for years to come. The only extra step is polishing them from time to time.


4. Basswood shutters helps in temperature Control:

Basswood shutters are great at keeping the temperature of your home under control. They achieve this by insulating the room and blocking out most of the light.

5. Basswood shutters can be Customized:

One of the benefits of wooden window coverings is that they are customizable in appearance. You can have a custom-made shutter made to fit every window in your house with ease.

 6. Basswood Shutters are Eco-Friendly:

Basswood shutters can be a great option for the environmentally conscious householder, as they are made of natural wood and very little energy is used in the manufacturing process.

Cons of Basswood Shutters

1.  Basswood Shutters are Costly:

Because they are made of solid wood, basswood shutters are not cheap – rather, they are expensive. Basswood shutters come in a wide range of prices, but the good news is that you can get home shutters for up to 80% of the cost if you choose vinyl ones instead.

2. Basswood Shutters Require Regular Maintenance:

There is nothing easy about keeping your basswood shutters clean and well maintained. They require regular maintenance, and something that takes up a lot of time. However, if you have time to maintain things, it is definitely worth it.

3. Basswood Shutters are not as Strong as other Wood:

Basswood shutters are made of wood and therefore one should be careful about their structurally sound and sturdy nature. There is a possibility that an intruder may tear off the shutter if he is determined enough or just strong enough to do so.

4. Basswood Shutters are not easier to install:

Sometimes basswood shutters are not as easily installed as their counterparts. They may require to be nailed or screwed into place or even require the help of a local carpenter you hire.

5. Basswood Shutters not waterproof:

If you live in an area that has a lot of rain or snow, then you should think about waterproof window shutters. Basswood shutters are not waterproof.

Basswood shutters may also shrink when exposed to high temperatures, which can lead to other issues with the aesthetic appearance of your home.

6. Basswood Shutters are prone to warping:

If you live in an area with high humidity, basswood shutters might warp sooner than you would like them to.

In conclusion, Basswood shutters have both pros and cons. Some of the pros include their beautiful appearance, durability, and insulation properties. Some of the cons include their high price tag and susceptibility to warping. Overall, the pros of Basswood shutters outweigh the cons, and they are a great choice for shutters in your home.


What to Consider Before Buying Basswood Shutters:

There are a number of things one needs to consider before they go out and purchase basswood shutters for their home. They include the following:

1. Size:

When someone is trying to purchase basswood shutters, they need to make sure that they can match the size of the window with the size of their shutter.

If you cannot find a shutter with just the right dimensions, you may have to settle for a custom-made one. Custom shutters are expensive, but as long as you get one that fits perfectly and has all of the features you want, it is well worth it.

 2. Quantity:

When you want to get window coverings for the entire house, you will have to consider the fact that you may need to purchase several shutters. This means that you will have to do a lot of math and figure out how many shutters are necessary for all of your windows.

 3. Installation:

One should always consider the fact that some basswood shutters do not come with an installation kit, and it is up to the buyer themselves to get one installed by a professional.

It is better to buy shutters that come with an installation kit, so that you don’t have to spend much money.

4. Hardware:

Basswood shutters can be purchased in ready-made sizes, or custom-made sizes. When it comes to custom-made ones, you will have to keep in mind the specifications needed for your shutter before making your decision.

5. Design:

The design of the basswood shutter can be customized to your preference. They come in a wide range of colors and designs, and many retailers have numerous types and patterns that you can pick from.

 6. Warranty:

When you have made a decision about buying basswood shutters for your home, take note of the warranty given by the company you bought them from. This will give you an idea of how much it is worth to purchase them from such a company.

 7. Quality:

The ideal basswood shutter should be made of quality material, so that it lasts for years. While some materials are more durable and can last for many years, others are only good for a few months to a couple of years.

When buying from reputable vendors, you can rest assured that your shutters will be of high-quality and last a long time.

 8. Price:

The cost of basswood shutters is a significant factor that every buyer should consider when making their decision. The price of these shutters can vary significantly, and it is important to know what you’re getting for your money before you buy.

How To Care For Basswood Shutters?

The first and most important step in caring for basswood shutters is dusting them regularly. Once every week or once every month, take a few minutes to dust your shutters.

Taking your time to dust off these wood window coverings can help keep them lasting for a long time. Use a microfiber cloth and wipe the shutters down slowly.

Afterwards, use a soft, dry rag to wipe off any excess dust.

You should also be sure to wipe down your shutters after each rainfall or after they have been exposed to any other moisture.

It is also important that you apply some sort of wood oil or finish to your basswood shutters once every 6 months or so.

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