What Does Mafia Block Mean In Construction?

What Does Mafia Block Mean In Construction?

What Does Mafia Block Mean In Construction?

Mafia blocks are a type of concrete block made from the residue leftover from concrete mixers.

These blocks are most commonly used in construction projects for a variety of purposes such as creating storage bins, designating roadway areas and preventing traffic from entering dangerous or limited access areas.

Mafia blocks offer numerous advantages over traditional building materials such as being more affordable, durable and easy to install. They also provide additional strength to structures due to their high density, helping them last longer than other materials.

Why Is It Called Mafia Block?

Mafia block is a term that refers to the abundance of Italian American concrete suppliers in the Northeast of the United States, particularly in New York City.

Years ago, these blocks were only made with residual concrete leftover from construction projects, resulting in their association with mafia-like activities. As such, the term ‘Mafia block’ was coined to describe them, suggesting both their origin and reputation.

Over time these blocks have become popular among those seeking edgy or alternative home decor or building supplies due to their unique appearance and history.

Today they remain a common sight in urban areas and continue to be associated with the Italian immigrant and mafia culture of New York City.

How Much Does A Mafia Block Weigh?

Mafia blocks are heavy, weighing approximately 3,600 lbs. each. These blocks interlock with one another to form walls and other structures, meaning that their weight must be taken into account when constructing any structure made of them.

As a result, the sheer mass of these blocks can pose an issue for those who plan on constructing with them as it can make lifting and positioning the individual blocks difficult and time-consuming.

This is why it is important to use proper lifting techniques and caution when handling such massive building materials.

What Size Are Mafia Blocks?

Mafia and bunker blocks, used for landscaping and construction purposes, are usually available in stock sizes of 2 feet high by 2 feet wide by 6 feet long.

These blocks are usually used for constructing retaining walls and steps, as well as to create edging for garden beds or walkways.

The weight of one block varies between 70-80 pounds depending on its material makeup; the commonly used materials being concrete, limestone, and sandstone.

Additionally, the blocks come in various shapes such as square, rectangle, and pyramid shapes to meet individual design requirements while ensuring they fit securely together.

How Much Does Mafia Block Cost?

Mafia and bunker blocks are widely priced between $25 and $50 per block, and delivery charges may be included depending on how high the price is. The cost varies from company to company, so shopping around for a good deal is advised.

However, installation fees may also be extra, so you should always check for this cost before ordering your blocks. When purchasing in bulk discounts are usually available which can help reduce the overall cost of your project

Is Mafia Blocks Too Big For Your Job?

Mafia Blocks are commonly used for larger-scale concrete projects such as raised patios, outdoor fire pits, and retaining walls.

They can come in various sizes with the largest being approximately 16” x 24” and weighing up to 200lbs each. This size and weight may be too much for individuals attempting smaller DIY jobs or those that simply aren’t able to lift the blocks safely.

In addition, the use of heavy equipment such as cranes or forklifts may be necessary when handling large blocks due to their weight which adds an additional cost and level of complexity to the project.


For these larger concrete blocks, the size and weight can become very unwieldy; they are not small for a reason and are meant for larger jobs.

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