What Is a French Balcony in Construction?

What Is a French Balcony in Construction?

What Is a French Balcony in Construction?

A French balcony, also known as a balconette or Juliet balcony, is a type of balcony that does not have a floor and is usually more decorative than functional. It consists of a balustrade in front of an upper-level window that allows the window to open safely.

French balconies are popular architectural features in France and are becoming increasingly popular in England due to their ability to provide space and light relatively simply and economically.

French balconies can be made from a range of materials such as steel, polished metal alloy, glass, and aluminum handrails. They are often used to add flair and décor to the exterior of buildings while also providing light and ventilation inside.

French balconies are also popular for homeowners who want to add more sunlight or the feel of the outdoors without having to undergo major renovations.

French Balcony Safety Features

A French balcony is a type of balcony that is considered to be very safe in comparison to a conventional balcony. It features a railing across the opening of the door, preventing anyone from falling down.

Additionally, it has a door for added safety, which prevents small children from sneaking out onto the balcony unsupervised.

The French balcony also provides cost savings as it does not require an extra ledge to protrude outside the room.

Furthermore, modern French balconies are designed with glass panels and aluminum handrails for strength and beauty, while avoiding detracting from the overall look and style of a home or apartment building.

French balconies can also be customized in terms of colour and LED lighting to match the carpentry of the façade, and they are easy to install with three different mounting options available.

Finally, they are fitted directly into the window frame with tested and patented fastening systems depending on the window profile.

How To Build A French Balcony.

Building a French balcony involves simple design elements that can be used to recreate the relaxed, easy-going style of the French countryside. This look is achieved by using native flowers, ceramic containers and hanging flower boxes along with basic bistro style patio furniture.

The main style of furniture used on French balconies are bistro patio sets because they’re small and fit nicely on these balconies. Traditional French balcony designs feature cast-iron railings with curved and floral details.

These railings can be installed on the balcony and found online at various retailers. Decorating a French balcony is also a simple task as it does not require any additional constructional space. It is best to use black or painted white wrought iron furniture to keep true to the style.

Additionally, combining styles such as provincial and rustic can also create an aesthetically pleasing look for the balcony.

French Balcony Vs Regular Balcony

The main difference between a French balcony and a regular balcony is that a French balcony has floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to a railing, but no space for furniture or to step out onto.

A regular balcony typically has an outdoor space with chairs and tables where guests can relax in the fresh air and enjoy their own private view of the river.

French balconies are usually found on the top two decks of a river cruise ship, while regular balconies are typically found on the lower decks.

French balconies offer fresh air and the feel of a veranda, but without any outside space. Some river cruise companies place a small sitting area in front of the French Balcony, allowing it to perform the same function as a full, step-out balcony.

Some river cruise lines have also tweaked the French Balcony concept by creating larger Open-Air Balconies or Full Open Air Balconies with windows that open almost the entire width of the room.

In comparison, regular balconies provide more outdoor space for guests to enjoy. However, they take away from cabin space inside due to their larger size.

Viking River Cruises has designed its cabins so that its French Balcony cabins are on the shorter side and its Veranda Staterooms are on the wider side of the ship in order to maximize living space without compromising what people like about having a balcony.

How To Decorate A French Balcony.

Decorating a French balcony is a simple task that can be achieved with the use of native flowers, ceramic containers, and hanging flower boxes.

Traditional French balcony designs feature cast-iron railings with curved and floral details, while modern French balconies may incorporate textured stucco walls or stone and simple wrought iron railing.

To add a Mediterranean French, feel to the balcony, baby blue or turquoise shutters on the windows can be used.

French balconies are often decorated with neutral and pastel colors, but black accents can also be added for an elegant touch.

Natural-looking wood elements blend seamlessly into a French balcony garden, adding color and texture to the space. Vintage pieces of furniture can also be used to create a combination of classic and modern styles.

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