What Is A Modular Green Roof?

What Is A Modular Green Roof?

What Is A Modular Green Roof?

Conservation Technology (CT) Modular Green Roof System blends the beauty and performance of continuous green roof systems with the ease of use of pre-vegetated trays.

Slotted sidewalls encourage plant root development between modules, resulting in a natural-looking meadow with undetectable boundaries. It is the ultimate in the use of native trees, plants, and grasses in residential landscaping.

Can You Walk On A Green Roof?

Yes, but minimally and sparingly. One person can do this a couple of times a week without inflicting permanent harm. You must, however, avoid walking in a straight line, standing in one spot, or trampling your plants. It is important to be deliberate and careful.

At a minimum, avoid walking on the plants if you know there is a significant chance it may rain heavily within the next couple of days.

Otherwise, you will be forcing water into the soil that should not be there. You don’t need to worry about seasonal drought or irrigation, but you do need to worry about rainfall and runoff.

If your roof is covered in organic materials (such as soil or mulch), I would recommend being even more careful when walking on it to avoid damaging it.

What Are Green Roof Trays?

The Green Roof Sedum Trays are particularly developed for massive green roof installations; the gtSedum tray cassettes may easily and efficiently turn a roof into a lush sedum green roof. The trays are made of recycled materials, including HDPE and natural wood.

What Can Be Used As A Walking Surface On A Green Roof?

A single wood deck that covers the whole roof is the most basic walk surface. 2 x 4 sleepers put on edge with 2 x 6 deck boards bolted in place is a typical construction.

Scrap rubber pads should be inserted between the sleepers and the rubber roof. It should be tight enough that it won’t move but not so tight that you can’t get it back up if something goes wrong.

A thick rubber walking floor can also be used. This will be more expensive than the wood deck and may take a bit of time to install, but it should last for decades.

What Kind Of Insulation Do You Use For A Green Roof?

One form of insulation suited for green roofs is XPS insulation with a CS (10Y) 300 certification. With a compressive strength of 300 kPa, this insulation is appropriate for green roofs and roof gardens. It is a custom-made product that is available from retailers.

What Is The Lightest Green Roof?

Substrate roll is your best bet for a light green roof. It is an excellent growth medium with high water absorption and tenacity and is formulated to suit the special requirements of green roofs.

It’s light enough to be carried and transported by hand, and it’s perfect for covering small areas or areas that need to be frequently repositioned.

Can You Have Solar Panels On A Green Roof?

Yes. Solar panels atop green roofs may create attractive areas for a more diversified native floral population, which supports biodiversity, particularly pollinators.

The solar panels provide shade and weather protection on specific portions of the roof. It is also an ideal location for solar panel installation.

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