What Is A Table Vacuum? Do Table Vacuums Really Work?

What Is A Table Vacuum? Do Table Vacuums Really Work?

What Is A Table Vacuum?

A vacuum table is a tool that uses suction to hold materials in place during cutting or printing. It is typically a table with a vacuum pump connected to it and small holes on the top to create suction.

The vacuum holds the workpiece securely even when being worked on by cutting or shaping tools. The strength of the vacuum needed depends on the size and type of material.

It can be purchased pre-made or created by attaching a vacuum unit to a regular table.

The force needed for holding small workpieces is stronger than for larger ones, and permeable materials may not be held as firmly.

Do Table Vacuums Really Work?

Table vacuums can be effective, but it’s important to be realistic about their limitations and to keep in mind that they work best with small debris.

Additionally, based on my observation of TikTok and YouTube reviews, as well as unboxing videos, there are some concerns about the durability of these vacuums, with some reviewers reporting that they stopped working after a short period of time.

What Are The Types Of Table Vacuums?

There are several types of table vacuums available including:

  • Rockler Vacuum Clamp Pods, which is a collection of vacuum pods that are compact and versatile. They are compatible with T-track and slotted CNC tables or screw mounts.

However, they require a minimum vacuum pump that can generate 25 inches of mercury and have a minimum workpiece size of 100 x 100 mm.

  • ClampuSystems, which are vacuum tables made from aluminum and come in various sizes and styles.

They have a 6mm lip around the base for mounting and have options for multiple vacuum areas, breathable vacuum surface, and precision vice vacuum tables.

  • CNC Step USA, which are budget-friendly vacuum tables made from plastic and compatible with shop vacuums. They are modular and come with vacuum connectors and locating pins for batch production.

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