What Is A Tandem Garage? What Is The Benefit Of A Tandem Garage?

What Is A Tandem Garage? What Is The Benefit Of A Tandem Garage?

What Is A Tandem Garage?

A tandem garage is a type of garage that has two car bays side by side, with one parked directly in front of the other.

It’s an economical choice for people who need to store two cars but don’t necessarily have the space or budget for a double or triple-car garage.

Tandem garages save money and space as only one wall is needed, the roofing is simpler and there’s only one access door required.

The drawbacks are that they take up more driveway space and it can be difficult to maneuver two cars into a single bay without some extra skill.

How To Organize Tandem Garage?

  • To organize a tandem garage, first assess the space and make a list of items you will be storing. Sort these items into categories depending on usage and then label them.
  • Place all frequently used items towards the front for easier access. Organize remaining items by size – small to large or tall to short.
  • You can also purchase versatile storage systems such as wall-mounted organizers, shelving, hanging racks or pegboard with hooks that can help create efficient use of vertical space in the garage.
  • Finally, utilize available overhead space by using mounted shelves or racks to store seasonal or rarely used items safely and out of sight.

Are Tandem Garages Good?

Tandem garages are a great choice for homeowners who want to maximize the use of limited space – two vehicles can be parked side-by-side in a single garage.

The extra width allows for larger vehicles, such as an SUV or pickup truck, to fit comfortably.

Tandem garages also offer greater storage opportunities than traditional single car garages, making them well suited for homeowners looking to store tools and outdoor equipment.

Additionally, they can provide additional privacy and security as fewer people will have access to the interior of the garage.

Overall, tandem garages are a great option for those needing more parking and storage space from their property.

What Is The Benefit Of A Tandem Garage?

A tandem garage is a great space saver, as it allows two cars to be parked one in front of the other.

This type of garage offers multiple benefits, such as providing additional living space due to the double depth, allowing different vehicle types to be stored easily, and improved security with double doors.

Another big advantage of using a tandem garage is that it increases a home’s value since buyers can gauge more parking possibilities in their new property.

With an extra-long drive for easy access, this type of structure also opens up even more opportunities for storage solutions and extra activities like gardening or workshop uses.

How Deep Does A Tandem Garage Need To Be?

Tandem garages can have one extra-deep bay for two cars, or multiple bays for four to six cars. Most of the plans in this collection have a depth of at least 38 feet.

Tandem garage plans are ideal for narrow and long lots as they maximize space utilization. These detached garages feature extra deep bays that enable two vehicles to park one behind the other.

The long and narrow design of tandem garages allows for ample depth, making them suitable for small backyards, alongside homes, or on other narrow plots.

In addition to providing space for two cars parked in a row, these plans are also ideal for storing items such as boats, trailers, and large vehicles that require extra length.

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