What Is A Window Stop  Molding?

What Is A Window Stop  Molding?

What Is A Window Stop  Molding?

Window Stop molding is a molding  that is used to stop sashes that swing in or out. It is used to prevent sashes from swinging in or out of windows.

For example, you can use them to secure the bottom sash of a double-hung window. Sometimes, you might also see them used to prevent the top sash from swinging out of a casement window.

If you are planning to install a window trim stop, measure the exact height and width of your window. Draw the trim stop on your wooden board with a shape similar to the size of your original window. The total measurement should be between 12 1/2 inches and 13 3/4 inches.

Mark it all on one side of your board, then drill some holes on all four sides so that you can secure it with screws into the drywall foundation. In addition, you will also need to cut a door jamb to fit your trim stop.

You can save money by using a product called glazing putty. It is self-adhesive and it looks like a fine putty for glazing mortar joints. It is applied to both sides of your window trim and it is sold in various colors.

Use an ice pick or a nail to push the putty through all holes of the window trim, making sure that the putty does not go all the way through it. If you plan to be more accurate about installing this kind of window stop, use wood screws instead of nails.

Before you attach the trim stop, measure its location on the wall. Mark out the exact location on the drywall where you will be attaching your trim. In addition to securing your window trim with stop molding, it is also important to ensure that there is an air gap between any door or window components and the trim itself.

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