What Is A Window Sub-Sill?

What Is A Window Sub-Sill?

What Is A Window Sub-Sill?

A window sub-sill is a secondary sill member attached to a window frame that serves as a stop for screens and directs water away from the wall surface; also known as sill drip molding.

These window sub-sills are made of metal or wood, and they are generally installed at the height of the window frame—usually within 6″ (15 cm) from the top. The function of these sub-sills is to protect the wall from moisture or water from the screen seal and to prevent insects from entering the home through cracks or openings along the sill.

In addition, with window sub-sills, there is no need for weather stripping along the pane line. To install them, you will have to insulate between these sub-sills and the window’s casing.

  • A dual-function window sill has at least two functions: Aesthetic and practical.
  • Dual Function Window Sill is a window sill that has multiple functions.
  • A window sub-sill is also referred to as a water drip sill and as a screen stop.

The purpose of a window sill is to create a finished, clean look for your home by filling in gaps around windows to make them appear more uniform. It also prevents heat from leaving your home through windows, which can lower energy bills in colder weather. Also, they are easy to maintain and often easy to add to yourself.

Most window sills are a very thin layer of wood, giving your home an unfinished feel or look. This is also the reason why this part of the window can wear down easily and become damaged over time. But, there is another option for your windowsill: customizing it with stucco.

Window sills created from stucco last longer than other types of sills and can also be customized to fit your style.

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