What Is An Epoxy Primer For Concrete Floors?

What Is An Epoxy Primer For Concrete Floors?

What Is An Epoxy Primer For Concrete Floors?

An epoxy primer is a type of sealant that is used to protect concrete floors from moisture, staining, and fading. It is made of a mixture of epoxy  and is applied as a base coat. The primer seals the concrete surface and prevents water and other contaminants from leaching through the surface.

An epoxy primer serves as the basis for your floor-finishing solution. Epoxy primers are the foundation upon which further base coats and top coats will be applied.

Because they penetrate the concrete substrate for an efficient adhesive, our epoxy primers are superior and give higher adhesion and stain resistance than traditional oil-based coatings.

Epoxy primer also helps to prevent any surface contamination from penetrating your epoxy floor coating, giving it that extra layer of protection from the elements. We have a color chart and matching system on our website, enabling you to find the perfect color for your project so that the final finish is seamless.

For epoxy primers to adhere correctly, concrete must be clean and dry. The concrete should be suitable for applying epoxy primer, and minor repair work is required before you start applying the primer.

If the concrete is not ready, you will have more work down the road, and plenty of water and moisture will seep into your floor system.

The biggest benefit of an epoxy primer is that it provides the perfect adhesive for your epoxy finish. During installation, you can choose from clear, black, or burnt umber-tinted epoxy primers.

The tint helps reduce light reflection on glossy floors and dust accumulation. In addition to these powders, we offer a line of epoxy primer/sealer liquids that provide optimal corrosion resistance and all-season durability.

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