What Is Cherry Wood? Is Cherry Wood Expensive?

What Is Cherry Wood? Is Cherry Wood Expensive?

What Is Cherry Wood?

Cherry is a smooth-grained hardwood that features a rich, reddish-brown color. It’s a favorite among furniture makers for its exceptional beauty, durability and finish options. The American Black Cherry tree produces sweet fruits that are typically used in pies, jams and jellies.

This fruit has also been used in traditional medicines since the time of Native Americans. Woodworkers often consider cherry one of the most versatile woods available due to its rich color, tight grain and excellent machining characteristics.

Cherry wood has a unique ability to age over time into a rich golden hue without the need for paint or stain

Is Cherry Wood Expensive?

Yes. Cherry is a premium hardwood that costs more than other types of hardwoods. The average cost of cherry is $3-$8 per board foot. This range depends on where the wood was harvested and how it was milled.

The price of cherry wood is determined by many factors, including its use, availability, and grade.

The grade of cherry wood is based on the quality of the wood. The more knots or flaws in a piece of lumber, its grade will be lower.

Cherry trees produce two types of wood: hardwood (used for furniture) and softwood (used for cabinets). Hardwood is generally more expensive than softwood because it’s less abundant and harder to harvest due to its size requirements during growth periods.

The cost of cherry can vary widely depending on where it was harvested: North America or Europe tend to have higher costs associated with their products than South America or Asia due to transportation costs involved with getting those materials from one continent over another.

What Do You Use Cherry Wood For?

Cherry is a fruit wood and has a sweet, mild flavor. It makes for an excellent choice for smoking pork, lamb, beef, and dark poultry like a duck. Cherry is also good for fish and vegetables because it doesn’t overpower their flavors.

The most popular smoking wood is probably hickory. It’s a great all-rounder, good for smoking beef, pork, chicken, and game. Hickory has a strong smoky flavor that lingers on your palate long after you’ve finished eating the meat you’ve cooked with it.

The aroma is sweet and spicy at the same time – like pecan pie mixed with barbecue sauce! Hickory works well with other woods, such as oak or maple, because it has enough flavor of its own not to be overwhelmed by other flavors in your BBQ recipe (or whatever else you’re cooking).

How Can You Tell If The Wood Is A Cherry?

Cherry heartwood, or the wood located close to the center of the log, starts a light pinkish brown color and becomes a rich red-brown over time. Cherry heartwood color ranges from blonde to reddish brown.

When freshly cut, cherry heartwood will be lighter in color than cherry sapwood (the outer part of a tree). This means that if you see some pieces with darker colors but others with lighter ones, they likely come from different parts of their tree!

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