What Is Greywater? Benefits Of Using GREY Water?

What Is Greywater? Benefits Of Using GREY Water?

What Is Greywater?

Greywater is wastewater from the bathroom sink, shower, bathtub, and laundry that doesn’t contain human bodily waste. Greywater may be used for watering plants in or around your home.

Greywater can be used to flush toilets and urinals if it is disinfected first with chlorine bleach or another disinfectant before being put into the sewer system. A licensed plumber must professionally install greywater reuse systems.

Greywater is unsafe to drink, so it should be treated before it is used to water plants. Greywater is used for irrigating landscapes and gardens, flushing toilets, or for other non-potable uses.

What Are The Five Benefits Of Using GREY Water?

  1. Saving Water through Grey Water Recycling.

Grey water is the water from showers, baths, and hand washing that can be reused for non-potable purposes. Grey water is much cleaner than black water (sewage), but still contains some contaminants.

  1. Reducing Sewage / Septic Flows through Grey Water Recycling.

– Reduce sewage / septic flow to the treatment plant

– Reduce the amount of water that needs to be treated

– Potential for reducing the size of the treatment plant, and thus cost (number of employees needed)

  1. Reducing Power Consumption through Grey Water Recycling.

By recycling grey water, you can reduce your home’s power consumption and heating costs. Grey water is used in many ways to heat your home, including:

– Water Heater

– Grey water is a heat source for outdoor faucets and irrigation systems. If you have an outdoor faucet that isn’t connected to the main supply line, it could be using grey water instead of tap water (you may want to double-check with your local building department).

This reduces both indoor heating costs as well as outdoor watering costs since you won’t need to run the hose for long periods at high temperatures just so that grass doesn’t die!

– Solar Heating System

– Grey water can be collected in underground tanks which act like solar collectors by absorbing energy from sunlight during summer months.

When demand is low but temperatures are high enough for evaporation into steam which then heats up air inside pipes before being released through vents or radiators throughout entire buildings

  1. Saving Money through Grey Water Recycling.

Grey water recycling is a great way to save money, not just by cutting down on your water bill. By using grey water instead of fresh water, you’ll be able to use less overall–which means less time spent showering or washing dishes.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Americans use about 100 gallons of clean drinking water daily for bathing and flushing toilets.

That number jumps even higher when we’re talking about laundry; most washers use up to around 40 gallons per load.

But with proper planning and installation methods such as those outlined above, these numbers can be slashed dramatically without sacrificing comfort or convenience–and with them go many expenses associated with buying bottled water every week.

  1. Protect Our Resources Through Grey Water Recycling.

GREY water recycling is a great way to save money, protect our resources and reduce your carbon footprint.

– Save money:

GREY water recycling systems are usually less expensive than other water treatment systems.

They require less maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about hiring contractors or paying for parts and labor costs. With GREY water recycling systems, no chemical additives are needed, so there are no extra costs associated with chemicals either!

– Protect Our Resources:

By reusing greywater instead of sending it down the drain into our rivers and streams, you can help keep them clean by reducing pollution caused by treated wastewater being released back into natural waterways where people swim.

Often fish times causing health issues later on downstream due to high levels of bacteria found within these bodies of water due to improper disposal methods used today such as dumping household garbage straight into lakes/rivers without any filtration process first (which could lead to serious health problems).

  1. GREY water recycling is a great way to save money and protect our resource

GREY water recycling is a great way to save money and protect our resources. Grey water is the liquid that comes out of your shower, sink, or washing machine but does not include toilet waste.

This can be used for flushing toilets or watering plants in your garden. Recycling grey water reduces pollution because less fresh water has to be used for these tasks instead of just dumping it down the drain as we do now!

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