What Is Polished Plaster? Is Polished Plaster Any Good?

What Is Polished Plaster? Is Polished Plaster Any Good?

What Is Polished Plaster?

Polished plaster is a term for the finish of some plasters and for describing new and updated forms of traditional Italian plaster finishes. It is applied similarly to normal plaster, but with different tools and techniques that create a finished look.

Its unique characteristics come from the use of marmorino or Venetian stucco that creates a range of textures from matt, satin, glossy and silk-like surfaces. In addition to normal plasters, additives like marble dust can be used to give the wall an even more polished look.

This type of plaster is often used in luxury interiors, where it is appreciated because of its luxurious aesthetic potential, durability, and resistance to air humidity. Polished plaster provides an elegant backdrop for feature walls when paired with gilding or another form of wall décor.

What Is A Polished Plaster Finish?

Polished plaster is a variety of decorative plaster finishes ranging from thin, highly polished looks reminiscent of polished marble to heavily textured effects that can imitate travertine or limestone.

Its origin dates back to the Egyptians, and it involves the application of several layers of a selected plaster by hand on a substrate, smoothing and polishing its surface with trowels and sponges until achieving the desired effect.

This age-old technique provides walls not only with an amazing finish but also with an incredibly smooth surface, making them perfect for any type of decoration.

What’s more, this versatile finish brings warmth and depth to interiors thanks to its vast array of textures, colors, and styles available.

Is Polished Plaster Any Good?

Yes. Polished plaster is an excellent choice for those seeking a durable finish for their interior walls and surfaces. It transforms into a rock-like substance when dried, making it highly resistant to cracking and shrinking, even in damp conditions.

As such, it is an investment ensuring a long-lasting result with minimal maintenance and effort. The range of colors and textures available can create stunning effects on walls while giving the surface a smooth polished look.

How Is Plaster Polished?

Polished plaster is a wall and ceiling finish that is achieved through the application of multiple layers of specially formulated lime-based plasters. The final layer is burnished with a specialized steel trowel to create a smooth, glass-like sheen.

To ensure the longevity and durability of the finish, it should be sealed with a protective wax coating after being polished.

Primers and basecoats are usually applied prior to two or four layers of the plaster being applied. Once complete, it will provide an attractive and distinctive look for any home interior or commercial space.

Is Polished Plaster Durable?

Yes. Polished plaster is highly durable and can be used as a decorative feature since it doesn’t need to be sealed with paint or wallpaper.

Its color can last for decades, even when exposed to sunlight and water, and won’t peel or fade under normal wear and tear.

It has the strength of a stone wall but with the added beauty of an elegant finish making it an ideal choice for any interior surroundings.

Does Polished Plaster Crack?

Polished plaster is prone to hairline cracks, typically smaller than 25cm, and caused by movement or stress. These are the most common type of cracking with polished Venetian plaster.

Another issue that may occur is a trim crack, which is when the central area of a wall or ceiling appears to have larger-than-average cracking due to an uneven surface caused by joints between boards being placed too close together or too far apart.

Although these issues look unsightly, they don’t usually cause any long-term damage and can easily be repaired using a sealant or filler.


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