What Is The Best Solar Roof Company?

What Is The Best Solar Roof Company?

What Is The Best Solar Roof Company?

There are many types of solar roof companies, each with advantages and disadvantages. Some of the ten popular solar roof companies include SunPower: Most Energy-efficient, ADT Solar: Best Protection, Momentum Solar: Most User-friendly, Blue Raven Solar: Best Benefits.

Green Home Systems: Best Solar Roofing Options, Elevation: Best for Whole-home Integration, Trinity Solar: Most Experienced, and Sunrun: Best Financing Options.

1. SunPower: Most Energy-efficient.

SunPower designs and manufactures some of the most energy-efficient systems in the country.

It produces all system components in-house, guaranteeing that each component functions as part of a streamlined solar system. They are available in 50 states; however, availability varies per ZIP code.

The Benefits of Solar Energy are:

  1. Availability on a national scale
  2. In-house manufactured solar panels, batteries, and electric car chargers
  3. Has a 25-year all-inclusive warranty on the entire system and components

Some of the drawbacks are:

  1. Only sells SunPower products.
  2. More expensive than competitors

2. ADT Solar: Best Protection.

ADT Solar (previously Sunpro Solar) offers the most comprehensive protection of any service on our list.

It includes an extended warranty on labor, panels, and inverters, as well as a 25-year power production guarantee. They are available in 23 states:

3. Momentum Solar: Most User-friendly.

Momentum Solar makes the switch to solar energy simple and enjoyable. The organization does everything from price and financing to design and installation in-house.

It also provides a selection of solar panels to assist you in customizing your system.

Momentum’s interactive mobile tracking software allows consumers to be actively involved in the installation process, and its regularly updated blog informs and educates homeowners about their solar systems.

Momentum Solar Pros are:

  1. Helps consumers participate in government savings programs and handles permits.
  2. paperwork Offers seven solar panel brands for greater flexibility.
  3. Collaboration with Enphase to provide a solar battery alternative.

Some of the drawbacks are that it does not publish pricing information online and is not accessible in every state.

4. Blue Raven Solar: Best Benefits.

Blue Raven Solar provides unique benefits to guarantee homeowners get the most out of their solar energy investment.

Blue Raven Solar’s benefits include the following:

  1. It has 18 months of free solar energy and no upfront installation costs.
  2. Two-year production warranty on system output.

Some drawbacks are that it does not provide solar leasing or PPA solutions and is only accessible in 22 states.

5. Green Home Systems: Best Solar Roofing Options.

Green Home Systems provides a range of high-quality classic solar systems and sophisticated solar roof shingles and tiles.

Green Home System Advantages:

  1. It provides a solar battery and backup generator.
  2. provide solar panel systems and solar roofing installations.
  3. It has a 25-year performance and product warranty

This disadvantage is that it is only available in ten states and has no PPAs or solar leases.

6. Elevation: Best for Whole-home Integration.

Elevation will examine your home’s energy efficiency and suggest ways to minimize your power expenses in addition to solar panels.

Elevation Benefits:

  1. Solar panel systems with a 25-year guarantee.
  2. Assessment of the entire home for energy efficiency upgrades.
  3. Active energy monitoring throughout the house.

Some of its drawbacks are that it is only offered in five states, and no cost information is provided online.

7. Trinity Solar: Most Experienced.

Trinity Solar is one of the most experienced organizations on our list, having been in the home services sector for over three decades.

Since switching to solar in 2004, the firm has installed almost 80,000 solar panels. It is also the country’s largest privately held solar enterprise.

Trinity Solar Benefits:

  1. Additional house services such as roofing and electrical help.
  2. Four payment choices.
  3. Privately owned and operated by a family.

Drawbacks: You will receive a limited 5-year craftsmanship warranty if you purchase your panels. It is also serving only eight states.

8. Sunrun: Best Financing Options.

With each plan, Sunrun provides four payment choices and full-service protection.


Pros: Some benefits are provided for the theft and damage coverage for leased and prepaid items. Daily monitoring is provided to verify the health of its leased and prepaid items and provide customer help via online chat.

The main drawback is the availability of solar and batteries as it varies by state. Also, it doesn’t provide information on various items and plans online.

9. Tesla.

Tesla is one of the few solar firms that provides countrywide service. It offers high-quality solar installation services in all 50 states with certain constraints.

Tesla’s Advantages

  1. Online prices are available;
  2. It provides 24/7 solar panel monitoring via the Tesla smartphone app,
  3. Provides a 25-year performance warranty that protects solar panels.

Disadvantages include system size being limited to four options and not offering installation in all ZIP codes.

10. Palmetto Solar

Palmetto Solar provides the greatest customer service. It provides phone, email, and online help and a Palmetto protect coverage plan with monitoring and solar discounts for both customers and non-customers.

Palmetto Solar’s Pros:

  1. Provides a protection package to both Palmetto customers and non-customers.
  2. It offers a solar savings calculator online.
  3. A 25-year output warranty protects solar panels.

Some of the cons are that it does not offer online financial information and is not available everywhere.

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