What Is Window Trim Coil?

What Is Window Trim Coil?

What Is Window Trim Coil?

A trim coil is a thin sheet of aluminum that is typically coated with a polyester coating and is used to cover exposed wood trim on your home. It will protect the underlying wood by preventing heat and moisture from damaging the trim’s wood fibers. It also prevents the uplifting of the wood trim as well.

Coil trim can also improve the overall appearance of windows, doors, and decks. The most common types of window trim are picture framing options, beveled glass, and aluminum profiles. Picture framing is the most common type of trim because it is the easiest to install.

Aluminum profiles are used when you want to give a special look to your windows or doors. They can also provide a way for light to enter your home through your windows without sacrificing security requirements. Window trim coil can be cut easily with a pair of scissors or a utility knife.

Start by measuring the trimmed area with a tape measure or ruler and marking out where you will make cuts. It’s important to choose the right trimming tool, as you may find that a regular utility knife won’t be enough to cut the coil.

You will also need to keep in mind that the window or door frame must be straight so that you can install your trim properly. Cut the coil evenly along the lines you have marked, making sure it has been cut exactly at the same height on all sides.

Once your desired window trim is cut out, simply clean it and then apply one or two coatings of polyurethane. It’s important that you use polyurethane coating on your trim as it will help protect your windows from moisture damage, prevent fading and add a valuable layer of protection for your home.

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