What Kind Of Curtains Do You Use For A Bay Window?

What Kind Of Curtains Do You Use For A Bay Window?

What Kind Of Curtains Do You Use For A Bay Window?

Roman shades are an excellent choice for a straightforward bay window treatment. These are flat fabric or other material panels that cover the entire window. These can be adjusted by adjusting a cord attached to the shade.

These also look great when combined with other bay window curtains. In addition, these can be rolled completely back or completely pulled up to provide more privacy. For more privacy, choose a fixed Roman shade.

These are Roman shades that stay in place and don’t roll back or pull up. They’re most commonly found in a simple frame of wood and usually have a checkerboard pattern on the fabric. Twist shades are defined as decorative shades with a distinctive pattern woven into the material.

These can be used to add drama to your bay window treatment while still providing light filtering and privacy options. The pattern may be designed to match the other fabrics in your bay window design, but it’s also available in solid colors.

Chain link fabric drapes are a good option for bay windows. Chain link is a lightweight fabric that hangs from a chain in the curtain, suspending it from the ceiling. These can look very luxurious and sophisticated, but you will need to be careful with how you hang them so that they don’t create too heavy of a curtain line.

Brocaded fabric drapes are another good choice for bay window curtains. Brocade is an ornate cloth made of interlacing patterned material that creates a lace-like texture on the curtain. This will create a beautiful, intricate pattern on your curtains and add elegance to your window treatment.

However, this type of curtain may not be appropriate for all rooms. Curtains made of woven fabric. You can also use sheer or sheer-pleated curtains for modern bay windows. These are great for a bath-like room or a room with tall windows and will give a lot of light to the space.


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