What Kind Of Curtains Go On A Bay Window?

What Kind Of Curtains Go On A Bay Window?

What Kind Of Curtains Go On A Bay Window?

Bay windows are a popular feature in many homes, and they can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of extra light and ventilation or you want to create a more intimate space, bay windows are a great option.

When choosing curtains for a bay window, you’ll want to consider the type of window and the style of your home. Some Bay Window Curtains Include:

  1. Panels of soft silk.

Silk panels are one of the most traditional ways to add a classic touch to any bay window-style window. Use them to decorate your bay window’s lattice edge, top, and bottom panels. Silk panels are also effective in creating a romantic look when paired with sheer silks and sheer chiffon over them.

Lattice-style bay window curtains can be made out of large-scale fabric or small-scale fabric panels are sewn together so that they form lattice patterns on the bay windows’ sides. The tassels are made from rings of fabric, then tied together with a decorative cord.

Heavy draperies with fringe can help create the illusion of a bay window when viewed through the front door since they generally hang about 3 feet above the floor or ground level for added impact and texture

2. Panels of Drapery

Drapery panels look best when they are long and flow from the ceiling to the floor length. Use draperies as the best way to highlight your bay window. Drape a single panel over all the window seats and let it continue to fall until it is all around your floor. Drape two panels for each hanging session, so that you have a curtain for each side of your bay window, resulting in an overall look of clean lines and symmetry. A mixture of two types of drapes will work well together

3. Valances-to-the-Ground

Valances are commonly used for the top of the bay window, but another option is to use them all the way down so that they run from the valance to the floor level. Use two or three of them in a series to increase your overall drape width and give you a more traditional look.

Grommet Valances Grommet bay window curtains are effective when hung above your standard-size window and include long curtain rings.

  1. Roman Shades that are Flat

Top Roman shades are another popular option for the bay window. Roman shades are usually flat-top and sheers, but you can also use one that’s a solid color if you prefer. Add lace curtains to the top edge of your shade so that you can use them as part of a decorative or stylistic look.

5. Lace-Trimmed Curtains

When looking for traditional curtains for your bay window, look for lace curtains with fringes that run all the way around their 4-inch-wide ruffles.

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