What Is Silver Reflective Window Film?

Silver reflective window film is a type of window film that uses silver to reflect sunlight away from your eyes. This film is often used in cars because it helps reduce the amount of sunlight that enters the car, which can help reduce the risk of eye damage.

Silver reflective window film is also sometimes used in business buildings because it can help reduce the amount of sunlight that enters the building, which can help reduce the risk of energy costs.

One of the best-performing and most widely used solar control window films is silver reflective window film. It significantly reduces incoming solar heat and glare through your glass, which can significantly improve working/living conditions. It also makes your home look nicer.

Silver Reflective film is black and white with a silver reflective coating. It is the most commonly used solar control window film. It fits standard windows, has an adhesive backing that’s permanent and can be easily removed from the window when it gets old, and conforms to existing frames.

Forever White (Ultramarine) is a silvery gray reflective film that greatly reduces solar heat gain while enhancing natural ambiance through your home’s glass (or other walls). Forever White also helps to reduce glare, which helps to improve your eyesight and also makes your vertical lines stand out better (making it look nicer).

It’s especially useful in homes or offices with poor ventilation or large panes of glass, where sunlight can be a problem during hot weather.

The unique silver reflective quality of the film reflects light, which helps to minimize glare or increase privacy, making your home look as if it is not lit up.

The frosted texture of the film also minimizes light entering and helps to maintain privacy at night. From inside your home, you will be able to see outside and vice versa.

The silver reflective window film allows light inside while reflecting the light back out so that it won’t reflect into your home.

This is the default style available in our window film line, which is designed to keep you safe in traffic by reducing glare, while still allowing outside light into your home at night.


What Is Translucent Window Film?

It provides coverage while allowing natural light to pass through. Translucent window films are intended to provide an affordable option that gives a little bit of privacy, light control, and sun protection.

They’re made from vinyl, which means they’re easy to use and can be easily taken down from the window when you no longer need it. This pattern is used in applications requiring ventilation, or to provide privacy or security without obstructing views.

Perforations on these films are made by a computerized tool to control size, shape, and spacing.    Translucent window film is a high-performance, black-and-white perforated film that allows light to come in while keeping heat out. The film is very thin (just 0.001″ thick) and fits standard windows.

It’s black-and-white and has a translucent frosted texture that allows light to come in but still keeps heat out. The frosted texture also improves privacy. Unlike silver reflective window film, it does not have an anti-glare or reflective coating on the film.

It’s very thin, so it will not impair your vision at night or during the day – everything will still be clear to see. It doesn’t allow light into your home in large quantities, so you won’t have to worry about being easily seen through the window at night.

This film is available in standard sizes; it can be cut to fit smaller windows. The translucent window film has the same silver reflective features as the silver reflective film, but it’s a much lighter silver, which allows the sun to be seen through it on a cloudy day. It also helps to improve your eyesight (making it look nicer).  This type of window film can also be used on tinted windows.


Where Is Suntek Window Film Made?

Suntek Window Film is manufactured in the USA. SunTek’s products are all created in Martinsville, Virginia. This ensures that all products are made to the same high-quality standards and that customers can benefit from localized product availability.

Our staff of designers and engineers work with you to help design a custom solution that works well for you, your family, and your home or office. We understand how important the right window film is to your safety and security, so we make sure to offer only the highest-quality products on the market.

Because our window film isn’t just a product, it’s a part of your home’s security system. We use the latest in science to create window film that will reflect the light and heat from the sun, making your home much cooler. Suntek window film is also applied directly to your glass for maximum effectiveness.

We’ve even designed our products to allow for easy removal of the film when you no longer need it. In addition, we take great care in packaging our products, which means they’ll be easier to install and remove than other brands from other companies.

Our packaging is designed so that it won’t get broken during shipping or while installing your window film. Heating and cooling costs are typically the single biggest expense in most homes and offices, so making your home or business more energy efficient will greatly reduce costs over time.

Using Suntek window film is one of the easiest things you can do to reduce your energy bills and help ensure comfortable working conditions all year long. In addition to reducing harmful UV rays, some Suntek window films can even reduce glare that interferes with vision and causes strain on the eyes.


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