Are Fence Post Spikes As Good As Concrete?

Are Fence Post Spikes As Good As Concrete?

Are Fence Post Spikes As Good As Concrete?

Yes, fence post anchor spikes are useful because they allow you to put and remove fence posts without digging big holes. A fence with fence post anchor spikes is just as solid as a fence with concrete posts, with the added benefit of reducing decay in the fence posts.

One of the most significant advantages of employing a fence post anchor spike is the convenience and simplicity with which fence posts can be installed and removed.

Normally, while installing fence posts, you must dig a deep hole, fill it with pebbles or a concrete mixture, and then insert the post and allow it to set. It’s a lengthy procedure.

However, after pounding the fence post anchor spike level into the ground, simply slot in the fence post and you’re good to go!

You can install a fence post anchor spike with a sledgehammer and either a chopped-off stub of a fence post or something to lay on top to aid smashing the spike into the earth. Furthermore, fence post anchor spikes are quite stable. Fences with anchor spike posts are equally as sturdy as fences with concrete posts.

How Many Bags Of Concrete Do I Need For A Chain Link Fence Post?

Fencing has a wide range of alternatives, including numerous creative and artistic possibilities. If security, durability, and value are the most important considerations, chain link fence is a clear choice. Chain link fence, when properly erected, may endure for decades and is extremely efficient at confining animals and excluding intruders.

One key to making a chain link fence last is to place the posts in enough concrete to prevent them from becoming shaky over time. Knowing how much concrete is required is also crucial for appropriate budgeting when purchasing materials.

A 40-pound bag of concrete mix yields 0.3 cubic foot, a 60-pound bag yields 0.45 cubic foot, and an 80-pound bag yields 0.6 cubic foot. For the example given, 56 40-pound bags, 37 60-pound bags, or 28 80-pound bags will be required for fence installation.

How Do You Replace A Fence Post Without Taking Out The Concrete?

Replacing a fence post is a difficult task, especially if it is set in concrete. A standard fence post may be placed in two to four 80-pound bags of concrete, weighing between 160 and 320 pounds.

That doesn’t even take into account the weight of the post or the dirt that gets attached to the concrete. Then there’s the issue of depth. A fence post is typically buried approximately one-third of its above-ground height. That implies a 6-foot-tall fence post would be approximately 2 feet underground. To loosen the concrete enough to remove it, you’ll need to dig deep.

It’s not a difficult job if you have a Bobcat, but it’s quite difficult to perform by hand. It may be preferable to replace the fence post without removing the concrete.

Prying out a fence post without disturbing the concrete base is the easiest approach to repair it. This may be accomplished using a long lever and fulcrum or a vehicle jack.

In any scenario, first, nail some wood to the post to pry against before getting to work. Pry the post until it comes all the way out of the concrete. After that, clean the hole and install your new post. Removing simply the fence post is a difficult task, but it is preferable to the alternative.

Leaving the concrete foundation in place might also save you time and money when installing the new post. If you remove the concrete when replacing the fence post, you’ll have to pour fresh concrete afterward.

If you have numerous posts to correct, this might be a lot of effort. We’ll go through how to repair a fence post without removing the concrete, as well as what to do if the post is half-decayed, cracked, or completely rotted.

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